Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Too Cute Not To Toot!

I'm having some issues with blogger . .. or maybe it is just my Internet connection tonight . . either way I'm not having a lot of luck with sites opening up correctly but we'll try this anyway!

This idea from Life with both hands full is not a new idea to me but I like how she explains both the creating of the journal and how/where/what she writes.  I attempt to do this right now through scrapbooking pages but eventually want to start a journal for each of my boys so I can record prayers, hopes, dreams, and those special memories.
You know I love wreaths, or at least the concept of wreaths, so when I saw this one from The Silly Pearl, I had to share it.  I'm not sure if this one is really on my "to make" list only because of how I have to hang wreaths on the slider but I still love the concept!

I'm sharing this next idea because my sister-in-law made these for Easter dinner and we loved them.  I'm not sure if this is the exact recipe she used but it is close enough not to mention that I think I need to spend some time exploring Five Little Chefs . . .I might find some useful ideas to do with the boys!
Another short week!  Right now I'm noticing a lot of the same ideas, or at least similar, to what I've shared in the past.  I'm not surprised by that - the "in between" holiday times are when people catch up on either older posts or catch up on making crafts.  Hopefully we'll start to see more patriotic ideas coming out soon!