Monday, November 3, 2014

Make it Monday - Esty Fun

I've always said that my best creative moments are totally brought on by other peoples creativity.  I've also learned that sometimes, it is so much easier (and faster) to allow someone else to make things and I pay for the service which is why I love Etsy!  I've purchased two things recently and wanted to give a shout out to the shops.

I wanted a birthday pillowcase to use with our "Week of Birthday" celebration.  My first reaction was just to make one because, afterall, a pillowcase is just a square!  I then went searching on Etsy, though and found this awesome one from The Luv Bug Designs which was fabulous and priced perfectly.  I figured that my time was worth it (not to mention my frustration HA) so I quickly ordered it and it arrived quickly too! 

Secondly, I wanted an awesome birthday shirt!  Yep, I can still dress the boys in fun shirts so I'm going to do it as long as possible.  Not to mention that when I pulled this shirt out on his birthday, he was so excited and said, "Yeah! My shirt!".   After searching through pages of shirts I found this classic one from SayitNstiches.  The shirt did not disappoint.  In the past I've run into issues with the shirts being either thin or small but this shirt is pretty high quality and, even though the shop owner said to order a size up, they shirt was still a little big (which is good - he can wear it for a full year!).  The stitch quality is also fabulous and the owner has tons of fabric and colors of thread to choose from.  Her time table is clearly stated in agreement terms and I received the shirt within those guidelines.  I do plan on ordering Nate's birthday shirt from this same store because I'm so happy with Josh's!