Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January Goals

Ok, I posted my over all goals on Saturday.  Now, it is time to do January goals!  In past years, I also separated goals into a few categories and, actually, had planned to do so this year but, instead, (to go along with simplifying things) I'm just going to list the things I want to accomplish in January.  It is so much less work!!!  I'm just going down through the list of goals I listed "HERE"

January Goals:
1. Piano - I have my songs picked out this month.  One is "Of Strange Lands and People " which is a classical piece I learned back in High School.  It is a short, quick piece and I would like to challenge myself to memorize it so I have something to play when someone says, "you, play?".  Then two offertory type songs that I've played before but need to get the "rust off" (as Nate would say) - "Wonderful Words of Life" and "Rock of Ages".  I've managed to dust these off and they are usable.  I did not memorize the classical piece but I might make that more of a year long goal. 

2. Reading - I'm currently reading three books off of my list.  1) "7" - I'm on chapter three.  2) "Women Living Well" which I started on Monday as part of a Book Study and 3) The Power of a Positive Mom.

3. Bible Study - One of my Bible Studies begins this week and one begins next week.  One is through Good Morning Girls and is on Living Intentionally and the other is on the book I mentioned above.  My Goal for this month is complete the lessons each week. Stayed current through the end of the month!

4. Scripture Memory - I have a book called "100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know by Heart" that I'm going to start with this month.  My goal is 4 verses this month

5. Order the Word a Day Calendar so Darryl and I can start working on it :-)

6.  My goal for the living room this room is to come up with a vision board with ideas I want to use in the new living room.

7. Scrapbook - 1) Go through one (years) album(s) and make sure there are no holes.  This includes making sure there are no missing photos, missing page protectors etc.  2)Figure out the most economical way to get all of my outstanding digital pages ordered 3)Get page protectors for the first pages of 2013 4) Scrapbook June 2013 I didn't really do these items - my goal became more of organizing my stuff which I did.  Next month I'll start working on actual albums.

8. This months Date with my husband is coming up this weekend - we have plans for Friday night such as dinner and maybe a movie or window shopping and then on Saturday we have a wedding to attend. This was a fun weekend!!! 

9.  Our Teeth :-)  So, I need to get my kids brushing their teeth more.  I want to give them each a drawer in our vanity (since we don't use them anyway) for their stuff - tooth brush, tooth paste, and even their own brush for their hair.  Then, make brushing their teeth an important part of their day.  I'm going to do the "Crest Health" challenge for two weeks. Not a total success but my kids are brushing their teeth more.

10.  My big "organization/simplify" project this month is the kitchen cupboards.  My dad is redoing the cupboards for me so I want to make sure the insides are useful and everything has a home.  I have some very quirky cupboard space that I need to use more creativity.

11. Take one day out for just me (already have this on the calender).Done and it was FUN!

12. Financial - Finish up our taxes; keep track of our spending/savings for the month

13.  Plan February's date night which will coincide with my husband's birthday.

14.  Plan some fun things to do with the kids for valentines - they are finally getting to the age where they like to do stuff for holidays.

15.  Finish organizing our DVD's  - Plan to finish this up this week

16. Finish up a Christmas Decor project that I was unable to finish prior to Christmas - Going to finish this up this week.

17. Go through my Christmas Pinterest board and move ideas to the right boards (that has been my "garbage board the last few weeks - I've just dumped everything into that board) - Want to do this during this last week as well

I'm sure there are a few other things I've forgotten BUT that is a great list to start with :-)