Sunday, February 9, 2014

Things my kids say

* Nate picks up little things we say as most kids do.  Lately it is the rod "ya". He'll say, " I'll move it for ya."  Or "dad is playing a game with YA on his computer".  It makes me smile and, no, I don't correct it.  I love hearing their mispronunciations and incorrect grammar at this age.

* We walked into the doctor's office last week and Nate proudly exclaimed, "I love this place".  Then, while seeing the doctor, Nate stood right next to his favorite doctor and watched every single thing he did to Josh HA!  The doctor said that he can take over for him when he retires.  I asked Nate if he liked seeing all of those things and he said, "Yes and that he wants to do that some day.".

This past week there were several times the boys said something cute or interesting and then, I forgot to write it down right away.  This is why I do these posts - to write down all of those cute things the boys say!   I need to do better and getting right to the computer and typing that stuff up!