Saturday, May 2, 2015

Family Fun - Easter Fun Part 1

Our Easter plans this year just kept changing.  We thought Darryl would be working but he ended up not working on Saturday because he wasn't feeling well.  We had made last minute plans to go to his moms house on Easter Sunday but he was so sick that we didn't go.  So in the end we were able to just hang out as a family and enjoy our normal traditions.

 On Saturday morning I took the boys to a fabulous Easter Egg hunt.  Yes, my kids were very underdressed for the weather . . it was 32 degrees and FREEZING but they had on shorts HA! 
 There were about 1000 Easter Eggs to grab and the boys took off around the outside of the crowd and got first dibs on the eggs.  They filled their buckets in no time!
 Nate, with his very full bucket, thanks in part to Josh.  Why?  When it was done, Nates bucket wasn't completely full and he got upset.  Josh said, "Oh, Nate, I have way too many" and started transferring eggs to Nate's bucket until Nate was smiling.  Josh loves his brother more than anything and hates when Nate gets upset!
 Josh showing off his bucket :-)
 On Sunday afternoon we decorated eggs . . style.  We took baking soda and added just enough water and food coloring to make a thick "paint".  The boys then painted their eggs with the mixture.  Once done, they would drop vinegar on the eggs and which it fizzle!

 They loved it.  AND it made super awesome colorful eggs!

 By the time we got near the end, they had more fun with the baking soda/vinegar in bowls than they did with the eggs HA!  It was awesome and we will do this again for sure!

They eggs were awesome and the boys had fun (and I'm STILL getting baking soda off the table HA!)