Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Goals

August Goals:

1. Reading - Read "Listen Love Repeat" and "Wait and See" - same two books as last month - hopefully I'll actually read them this time!

2. Scrapbooking
    a. My goal again is to save for my scrapbooking shelf I want so I can get all of my scrapbooks organized :-)
    b. Sort all of the photos I currently have printed
    c. Scrapbook!!  I'm going to a crop on Saturday so I plan on getting some stuff done.
    d.  I need to start planning for the weekend crop I'm going to in October so I can have all of the supplies and photos I want for the weekend.
    e.  After I sort photos at the crop - I then want to finish one year.  Either 2014 or 2015 - depending on which one is closest to being done!
    f.  Order July 2017 photos and scrap by the end of August - again, my goal is to start doing the previous month of this year so that I can journal things I can remember!
    g.  Order 1 month of digital photos,Order 1 set of page protectors and put them on the pages that are missing; Order 1 set of pages for digital photos; Order 1 album!
    h.  Order our family photos to go on the wall :-)

3. The House
     a.  Finish the painting in the living room
     b.  Totally clean the boys room
     c.  Continue progress in the basement
     d.  Continue progress in the garage

4. Family
    a. Plan some fun things for Darryl and I do to
    b. Try to incorporate another camping trip - I didn't plan well this year and our next trip isn't until October.
    c.  Continue to look for free or nearly free family activites to do