Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Teaching Tuesday - Week 8

It's official.  Nate is now a preschooler, not a kindergartner.  After watching him struggle, be frustrated, say he hates school, and then just sob in my arms about not be able to do his work I made the decision to stop pushing him.  He and I talked about it and you should have seen the smile on his face!  He will still do our "Life of Fred" books because he loves those and will also be able to be part of our Zootles and God's World magazine readings because he loves those.  I will then be transitioning him into the Letter of the Week  printables that I purchased last year and used with Josh.  We will then pick back up with K-5 work next year.

Josh was a thinker this past week.  On Monday, none of us were feeling "school" - the boys were super busy playing outside so Josh agreed that doing school on Friday was better.  Well, on Tuesday, he asked if he could do two days worth of work so that he wouldn't have to do school on Friday - since he was so eager, I agreed.  He completed everything and was very happy with himself.  He did ask if he could do the rest of the weeks work too so he could be done but I said no ;-)  There does need to be a balance of building concept upon concept!

We are loving using our AWANA books for Bible.  It is so fun to hear the boys say their verses and be so excited about learning the Bible.  Nate finally has his shirt and he is beyond cute! (He would NOT stand still for me!)

 Josh has stepped up recently and helped wash dishes.  I was surprised by how much he loved it and yes, it probably really is time to give these boys some chores but . . well, sometimes, it is just easier to do it myself HA!

We had a pretty quiet week last week but, I do want to wish a very special little boy a Happy SIXTH! birthday - tomorrow is his birthday and I find it hard to believe that he is growing up so fast!  I love his fun-loving, sarcastic, off the cuff sense of humor.  I love his sweet spirit and the fact that he wants to love and be loved.  I so enjoy his conversations, his quick wit, and his quirks that make him just perfect.