Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things I've Told My Husband

Guess what happened 10 years ago today?  Yep, I married my prince charming!  Hard to believe that it has been 10 years.  Unlike many people, I don't have one of those "we knew each other for 10 years and than got married" stories HA  We knew each other 9 months . . .what?  When it is right, it's right! 

In honor of this great day, I thought I would share some things I've told my husband :-)

I recently told my husband that I hate being hot.  Then I told him that they only way I would ever be a heat person is if I had A/C and a pool; I would be tan but the house would be dirty.  His reply?  Ok.  That's it - I think he was ignoring me.

Not long ago, I informed my husband that as of Sept 1st, the house would be clean again, I would wear make-up, and I would actually fix my hair.  Until than, I'm just sweaty and hot.  His reply?  Absolutely nothing.  I think he was afraid I was trapping him.  HA!

I enjoy making statements to my husband that are two sided . . .. he has learned and now says "I'm not answering that because either answer is WRONG!"  :-)  hehehehe 

I realized I take a long time to tell a story when he fell asleep in the middle of my story HA!  Now I say "I'll get right to the point" (And still take a long time to get there!)

So . . .more than anything though, I love to tell my husband how fabulous he is, how much fun he is, and how much I love him!  We have so much fun, laugh alot, and just plain love to be together - what can be better than that?

What a change 10 years brings?  We have two kids, I've been through two jobs and now get to stay home full time; He's been through two jobs, a time of unemployment, and now is at a pretty great job.  We've lived in three different places, own 1 dog and 2 cats; have lost 1 cat and 1 bird; are on vehicles 5 and 6; traveled to Brazil, the Caribbean, Canada, and quite a few states; been through weeks of bed rest; back surgery; and a broken foot.  Not to mention the flooded basement; flooded bathroom; broken appliances; just to name a few.  All of things things are memories in the path we have walked; they have shaped us and made us who we are - stronger, better, and more in love with each other.  There is really only one things to say - Thank you for being my best friend !! 

Happy Anniversary to my fantastic Husband (sorry ladies - he is all mine!)