Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Spring Fun

Spring has taken a long time to arrive - and I have loved it.  We've had amazingly wonderful cool nights and no humidity.  Granted, we've also had quite a bit of rain and lots of clouds but I have not missed 80 degree days yet!  Today was a beautiful day with sunshine, warm air, and a nice breeze.  Before dinner we spent a little time outside and had some fun.

 Blowing dandelions is always fun!  
 Josh - my crazy kid. 
 Dash loves being outside with us and "owns" his yard.  

It's fun to watch him race through the yard!  Sometimes he gets lost in the grass HA! 

I would say that things are quiet around here - but they aren't!  We are desperately trying to finish up school; my mom moves this weekend; and I'm trying to get some things done here at home before that move as I'm in gaining some new furniture.