Friday, May 8, 2015

Weekly Menu

So, last week my menu was absolutely nothing like I posted last week.  When I switched from the winter menu, well, I haven't been very excited about that I picked for the summer menu.  I did cook a ham in the crock pot last Sunday and then used the leftovers for some other meals.  We also cooked some pork steaks on the grill.

As looking ahead to this coming week I'm again struggling with what to cook.  Maybe I'm bored with cooking, I'm not sure, but we still have to eat so I still have to cook :-) 

Friday - Tacos :-)

Saturday - I'm not 100% sure yet . . .the boys and I may go to town so I can do a little shopping and then meet Darryl for dinner at Pizza Ranch.  Or, the boys and I may take China to get a bath at a car wash that has a dog bath too . . .and then have Darryl bring dinner home; or who knows :-)

Sunday - Mothers Day!  I've already put in my request for Steaks on the grill.  I'm thinking I'll just put some potatoes in the crock pot so they are ready after church, corn, because that is my favorite veggie, and crescent rolls.  I plan on making "Sin" for dessert - it's so yummy!

Monday - I would like my crock pot to become my best friend this summer.  I just recently "pinned" quite a few Crock Pot meals that looked good and a friend of mine commented on  Chicken Rice Casserole recipe that it was "Great" . . .so I'm leaning towards that one.  

Tuesday - Grill night!  Burgers :-)  I'm thinking some potato salad and fruit will go well with the meal.

Wednesday - Tonight is the boys first t-ball game.  We love sloppy joes lately so I think I'll make those and fries.  Simple but hearty for dinner.

Thursday - My kids will be gone and I have a meeting.  Darryl and I will have something simple - I may have him bring something home. (Like Adobe (Tacos) or Popeye's Chicken!)