Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goals and My 2014 Theme Word

I was going to review my 2013 goals from last year but, lets keep it real, I fell off the wagon last year when it came to goals.  I started out the year ok and got some things done; then summer came and it got hot.  I was ready to get back on the goal track but we started school in September and it took up a lot more of my time than I expected.  Follow that up with my husbands back injury and I'm not even sure where September-November went.  One thing I DID figure out during those months, though, is that I needed to go back to a concept I hit a few years ago which brought me back to "Simplify".  I need to simplify our lives once again in order to keep my sanity ;-) 

I just picked up a book called "7 An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess" and am looking forward to reading it and applying it to my life.  I also started an organizational book called "Organize Now, Live and Think Clutter Free" which is a year long study on organizing everything from your dreams to your closet.  AND I have an e-book I picked up awhile ago called "Project Organize Your Entire Life" that I want to finally read.

So with that in mind, I thought I would just highlight a few areas I really want to get control over this year and work toward making them, well, more simple.  Less is more (except with money - than more is more but if life is simple then you WILL have more because you spend less WHEW!).  Each year I tend to focus on the same basic areas and then grow my goals from there; I then look attempt to look over them at the end of the month and plan things to get done the following month.  At the very least, it helps me focus on some projects. 

The basic areas I will be looking at are: Home, Kids, Darryl, Homeschooling, ME, Money, Organizing, Memories and Time.

I'm still working on where I want to go with each of those areas but will share my January goals soon.  I usually have these done already but . . .well, I'm running a little behind already HA!