Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow, Snow Snow!

Michigan has gotten hit hard in January with snow and freezing cold temperatures.  Be freezing I mean air temperatures that feel like -30 below.  Every day the boys open the door to see if it is too cold out and, it has been for weeks.  We have told them that their ears would fall off and China, the dog, would eat them as snacks.  I know, I know, but at least they stop asking to go outside.  Well, yesterday it was finally a nice day; in the upper 20's without any wind so after lunch, the boys and I headed outside.  I was able to get most of the Christmas stuff done . . .. except the lights and extension cords that are frozen under 8 inches of snow . . .and another 8 inches of ice under that!  Then, we had fun.  Our plow guy has made huge drifts along the driveway so we got the sleds out and, let me tell you, a 6 foot drift to a 4 and 5 year old is the perfect sledding hill :-)

 Josh quickly mastered getting up the hill,getting on his sled and getting himself down the "hill".

 Nate needed a  little help controlling his sled while he was getting on it so his best friend helped him out . . Josh.  These two boys have become each others "I've got your back" friend and it is awesome.

 I love the smiles - they had so much fun!!!
 Josh had to take a rest after a few trips down the "hill".

 Nate was in and out about 3 times throughout the afternoon but Josh stayed outside for about 3 hours before finally coming inside.
The boys ended the day by playing games with Darryl.  They played Bingo, Memory and Trouble.  They are just now starting to learn how to play by the rules . . . . well, kinda.  If Josh starts losing he wants to quit . . or cheat HA! 

We are home today ready for another "huge" storm.  It's supposed to decent temperatures though so who knows, the boys may end up back outside before the day is done!