Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Weekly Menu

Last week, after a very busy weekend, I chose not to go to the grocery store and, instead, got creative with what was in my freezer/cupboards.  I was kinda surprised at the great stuff we ate all week!

Here is this weeks Menu Plan - I decided to include our weekend meals even though I don't plan on posting this until Sunday or Monday; I shop on Saturday morning so our "week" actually begins on Saturday!

Saturday:  Well, our local HUGE fair was cancelled due to extensive flooding so our plans kinda got nixed . . on to plan B!  We are going to the lake and having a picnic :-) 

Sunday: Baked teriyaki chicken, Savory Rice, "Fried" Zucchini (just zucchini sliced and cooked with onion and a little butter) and Creamy 5-Cup Fruit Salad  The chicken is one of our favorites!  The other two sides are old stand-bys which we enjoy.  The Fruit Salad is something new (and is very good!)

Monday: Tacos - we love tacos in this house and I came across this recipe to make them without the packet of seasoning.  It is something I've been wanting to do so this seemed like the perfect time to do so.  We'll also have Savory Rice and Chips with some of my canned salsa.

Tuesday: Turkey enchiladas with creamy cilantro - just a new recipe that intrigued me. Biscuits and Salad

Wednesday:  Spaghetti, Green Beans and Garlic Bread

Thursday: Chicken Roll-Ups with Sweet Carrots and Salad.  I've tried various Chicken Roll-up recipes and have not been thrilled.  This one seems a little better - it is "dryer" that a lot of the ideas I've tried.

Friday: I'm not sure :-)  Our Anniversary is Thursday; the kids are going to my parents for the weekend (as of today); so I think we'll either order pizza or maybe even hit up Applebees for dinner here in town.

Our Sweet Treats: Oatmeal Butterscotch Bars - my husband has told me he loves Bar cookies more than regular cookies so I've been on the search for more recipes; we'll see how this one turns out!
Heath Bar Cake - this just looks really yummy :-) Blueberry Muffins - these are really for my breakfast - I have to have something simple or I end up snacking all morning!

There are actually quite a few new recipes listed so I'll make sure and let you know what ones we really enjoyed :-)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weight Watchers Saturday

So, yes, I've been debating on posting about this for a few weeks.  I had two opposing thoughts,you see, one tells me not to say anything because than you get the "police" who question everything you do/eat and the other one tells me that this is one of my 40x40 goals so I might as well share.  I've seen a lot of blogs lately where people are sharing their success and failure as they do Weight Watchers, workout, and change their lifestyle so . . .. I guess I'm jumping on board.  For all of my perfectly in shape followers, just cheer us on - for all of my followers who struggle with even one area of your appearance, maybe I can encourage you slightly (or make you laugh by my escapades!)

I am not going to post my weight - sorry, no going there!  (Who asks a girl her weight anyway?)  I find it is to easy to look at a number and judge - either way.  Some of the blogs I've seen I've even said to myself - "Seriously, they need to lose weight?".  It is kinda discouraging to see someone who is all over losing the 5 pounds they need to lose HA!  I will tell you each week my losses or gains as well as how I did tracking my points (i.e. points plus as it is called now), and how I did with exercise . . .which I hate!  I'm choosing to do this post on Saturdays because I weigh in on Saturday Mornings AND not many people read blogs on Saturday :-) hehehehe

First up with be my weekly goals that I want to work on the following week.  I'll also share my results from the week before. 

Tracking:  A huge part of being successful in Weight Watchers is tracking what you eat - both the item and the Points Plus value.  It really makes you realize what you are eating in a day.  My goal this week is to track everything.  No excuses. 

Exercise: I really, truly hate exercise - I hate sweating, breathing hard, and being tired . . . all things, that ironically, I am anyway because I'm out of shape.  I have several ideas and/or books I want to look into but for this week, my first goal is to just walk on the treadmill 4 days this week.  I have a friend that is helping me with my "program" so I am doing 30 minutes - starting at 2.5 going up towards 3.5 and back down, all in 5 minute sections. 

Mental: Isn't part of losing weight, mental?  My goal this week is to get a book on Strength training that another blog I read recommended.  From everything I've read, I have to add strength training at some point in order to actually tone. 

Food: If I don't plan, I don't eat well.  My goal this week is to plan my/our meals to be healthy, full of fruit and veggies, and to limit my snacking.  I will say that eating very healthy is expensive so I have to be creative with the fruit and veggie concept in order to be able to stay inside our grocery budget.

I will be honest, my goal topics and goals may change on different weeks - because each week I may have a different goal I want to achieve. 

The second thing I'll share - more because I have enjoyed it on another blog I read - is what I eat.  Now, I already post our dinner menu each week on Mondays (or at least I've just started this last week is a more accurate statement) so I will probably just share breakfast and lunch.  Sometimes even just a new recipe or idea I tried for one of those meals that helped me stay on track. 

No time like the present to begin, right???

Weekly Weigh In:  -1
Total Lost: 2 pounds
Total To Lose: 6 trillion :-) hehehehe Just trying to lighten the mood! 

I just have one quick recipe idea to share and the points value totally depends on how you make it!

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
(doesn't that just sound like it would ruin your diet - it won't!)

Oil (Opt)
Salt and Pepper

Very simply, break the hard ends off of the Asparagus (right where they SNAP). If desired, drizzle a teeny tiny amount of olive oil on the asparagus and toss to coat.  Then, take one slice of bacon and cut into 4 even pieces by cutting it once in half long ways (giving you two long skinny pieces) and next cut each of those pieces in half right in the middle, (cutting across the short middle) which gives you 4 pieces about 1/2 inch wide and maybe 3-4 inches long.  Wrap one small piece around each asparagus.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake on a cookie sheet at 425 for about 15 minutes than, turn on the broiler and let them sit under the broiler for 3-5 minutes (this helped crisp the bacon up).  If you are worried about the time - just read the back of your bacon package and see what it recommends for baking time.

As you can see - if you leave the olive oil off, you will use less points.  The way I make it - 4 pieces of asparagus takes 1 piece of bacon and most bacon is 1 point a slice.  Not too shabby!  You could even stretch it further and cut your bacon into 6 slices especially when the veggie is really skinny. 

I had this for lunch twice this week but it would also make a quick and easy snack! 

"To See a Change; Make a Change" 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Post of Randomness

I have a bunch of randomness to share so what better way to do it than in a random post :-) 

1.  Reaping Fruit Veggies - You may remember that I planted my first garden back in June.  Between the dog and kids plus my lack of watering, I wasn't sure what would happen but, when I checked on it on Sunday evening this is what I found :
Do you know what that is?  It's a cucumber :-)  Do you want to know what's funny?  I didn't even know I planted cucumbers.  Seriously.  I thought I planted peppers.  Which did; just not as many as I thought. HA!  Guess what I had for lunch on Monday?  This lone cucumber :-)  It was very tasty.  I noticed today that some of my tomatoes (yes I knew I planted those) are turning red . . .we'll be tasting those soon! 

2. Planning Tot Time - Due to a very busy weekend, I didn't work on anything for our fall tot time.  Knowing that I need to get busy in order to have things ready, I made up a calendar that looks like this:
Basically, I just listed what to get done each week - either planning or preparing.  If I stick to my plan I'll have through the end of the year planned and ready by mid-October.  I've been thinking about our schedule.  I'm really leaning towards doing circle time during lunch - my boys are late sleepers so trying to do it at breakfast isn't going to work.  (Trust me, I love letting them sleep!)  I'm planning on trying to get Bible and ABC time done in the morning with all the boys; than do reading/math in the afternoon with just Josh. 

3. Simplify -  You'll notice very quickly that I love lists and planning . .. .
Isn't it awesome?  This is my simplify plan for August.  The "X"ed out days are dates where we already have plans so nothing will get done.  I than took my most recent list, and plugged each item into the calendar.  This will (hopefully) keep me focused on what needs to get done.  I'm REALLY hoping for some nicer weather (not the 90's plus humidity = 105 degree days) because it is easier to work when you don't sweat just standing up. 

4. "Mommywood" - I've only seen this advertised but there is a special on Wednesday night talking about how the top celebrity moms "get everything done".  I'll tell you how they do it - with their nanny's, trainers, chef's, housekeepers, and money to purchase anything they want (or need!) Seriously.  This is a special? 

5. My kids - My boys are adorable, if I say so myself but this is why they aren't normally allowed free range in the kitchen :
 Yep, the clean out all of the drawers . . what fun! 
 Nate decided that he wanted some "peeper" to draw on :-)  I love that little face.  He is quickly becoming a little boy instead of a toddler.  I've been watching him - sometimes he walks like an old man, all bent over with his arms out . . until his arms touch the ground, than he does a somersault.  He makes me laugh every day.  His new word is "nooooh"  (no) .  Nate also LOVES to walk through the house yelling MOMMMMYYYYYY at the top of his lungs.
I know it is hard to see but this is Josh sitting at his desk.  He has a thing for lights right now.  He wanted his desk light and dresser light turned on; but his big light turned off.  He will go around the house and ask to have all of the lights turned on too.  He is also turning into a little man . . .tonight he helped me clean up and put away everything I asked.  He favorite new word is "Puke" (as in, blah, I puked momma)  You have to read my post about the reunion to understand why he has this word in his vocabulary!  This little boy loves his Papa.  When we left my parents house on Sunday, he cried for the first 15 minutes just asking for Papa over and over and over.  So very sad :-(

6. Some new Blogs - Just by chance I came across two now blogs that look creatively neat. 

First up is Meet the dubiens.  One thing that really caught my eye was her "Fun with Food Friday" posts.  Check on the most recent post:
Isn't that so adorable?  I looked through quite a few of these types of posts and noticed that most of the ideas are pretty simple.  I know, I know, I've talked about all of the fun ways to do food before and currently am doing my boring "same thing every week" idea (which works out perfectly, by the way) but I also like the creative ideas . . .maybe I'll try them again soon!  She also shares lots of craft and food ideas on this blog as well.

The second one is The Generous Wife.  This blog/site contains daily ways/tips/tricks to help make your marriage all it can be.  I read through several posts - she has some really simple things that can make a big differance.  She also gives links (it appears to happen once a week) of some other great blog posts/articles that she has found throughout the week.  I read several of those too - really great stuff.

Well, I was thinking I had more random thoughts but that is all I can think of for now :-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving . . ..  that we had an awesome family reunion this past weekend!  I thought in this episode of "What I'm Loving" I'd share about our wonderful weekend :-)

Have you ever noticed how, when you really need things to go right, they don't?  That is how our Friday started!  Darryl had asked for a smaller route so he could be home by 3:00.  Apparently "smaller route" means - 8 stops in town with 10,000 pounds to deliver (A normal route is 6-7 stops . . .and about 4,000 pounds)  Amazingly he walked in the door at 3:50, took a shower and we were on the road by 4:05 thinking we were doing great.  We would be in Linden by 5:30. . . . and than we ran into some construction . . .lots of it.  We finally arrived at the reunion at . .. 6:20.  Yep - almost an hour later than we should have gotten there (and it started at 6:00!!!)  This might not seem like a big deal except . . . . . . . . .I was one of two people in charge HA!  My dad was the other one :-)  When we got there, I hit the ground running.  Besides dinner on Friday, which was first, we were also doing a talent night and I had two things to take care off.  First, was a skit based on a song my Grandpa wrote called "Nine kids and a Dog to Keep".  My brother Ken was playing Grandpa and was singing the song.  He and my husband started practicing (Darryl was playing the guitar) . . Ken started singing and than Darryl started laughing and said "Ken, you don't know this song do you?"  The best part is that he had told my dad that he "had it all under control" earlier in the week :-) hehehehe  So we spent a little time helping him learn the song and doing a TON of laughing.  My husband and I were also doing a song along with my cousin on drums . .. and we had to practice!  The skit went off fantastically - everyone loved it - my cousins performed perfectly without a lick of practice HA!  Now, my husband and I were sitting there enjoying the evening while my niece was playing with the kids in the nursery . . .. until my sister-in-law walked up and whispered no one likes to hear . .. "Kate just said that Josh threw up all over".  Yep.  Kid #1 had the stomach flu.  Darryl and I ran to the nursery, cleaned everything up and sent the kids home with my mom so we could do our song and help my dad clean everything up. 

Here are a few pictures from the talent night - I borrowed them from a cousins Facebook page . ..

My brother, Ken and cousin, Ginger, playing Grandpa and Grandma.

Uncle Jerry

The Fisher boys - they sang a song my cousin Joel had written words for based on the tune of a popular Christian song.

Darryl and I singing our song

When we finally got back to the house at about 11:00, I hate dinner.  It really was that crazy all night!  We crawled into bed at about 1:30 and were awoke at about 6:30 by the lovely sounds of . . puke.  Nate was sleeping in our room and woke up with the stomach flu!!!  I crawled jumped out of bed, got him cleaned up and than ran to Walgreens for Fever Reducer. Not the start to the day I was hoping for that's for sure!  We gave both boys a double dose of medicine and headed out to the park for day two of the reunion around 10:30.  I felt really bad because my dad had to carry more than I wanted him too but am very thankful for my brother Ken who really picked up a lot to help out too. 

We spent all day Saturday at the park.  It started out with an awesome potluck and than came photos!  Now, you might be wondering why I made the boys go . . .for photos of course :-)  We did a HUGE group shot and I wanted the boys there for that as well as our family shot!  We did manage to keep them going through that but as soon as it was done, my mom took both of my very feverish, sick boys home for me so, again, I could hang out with cousins and help my dad take care of all of the details. 

When we first got to the park, my dad helped out and played with the boys - running up and down this little hill :-)

Just some family hanging out :-)
 My brother, Kel's family and Ken's kids
Some of the Fishers :-)

It was a fantastic day at the park - very hot, but good.  The funniest story of the day?  We all know it was almost time for the group picture.  We had asked everyone to stick close.  I was helping the photographer get everyone lined up (we all had been assigned a shirt color so that could connect each family).  She took the picture . .. and than, I found out my brother Ken was not there.  Why?  Because he had decided to run home and change his shirt for the picture!! HA!!  He had gotten sweaty, and he wanted a clean one for the big picture . . .seriously??? He will not live that one down for a long time!  Thankfully, our photographer was able to get a picture of him and will be able to photoshop him in :-)   The park finally cleared out and we cleaned up all that was left, getting us home around 5:00.  Darryl and I helped with the kids and got them in bed before getting some dinner, going for a relaxing drive and getting some ice cream - a kind of impromptu date! 

Blogger is giving my issues in adding captions but the above pictures include my cousin Paul and I, my cousins Krystal and I, Kathy and I, and than my cousin Nancy and Aunt Barb. 

So much fun - and yes, I'm already thinking about the next one - but it needs to be in 5 years instead of 10 . . .I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What I'm Reading

Welcome to another week of what I'm reading :-) I didn't get as much read as I normally do because we've been so busy but I did finish up a few books!

What I finished reading this week:
 This book by Lori Wick, Pretense, is really good.  I enjoyed reading it again and can see myself reading it in the future.  One of the things I really liked about this book is that it took you through the life of one family.  It started when the girls, Mackenzie and Delancy, were still in single digits and than walked you through their life - both the good and the bad - until they were basically about 40.  You walk through heartbreak, success, and how they come to have a personal relationship with Christ.  I really enjoy books where I get to know the people in the story.  If I have one negative it is that it is a little unrealistic at times, but it is fiction, right? :-) 

Moonlight on the Millpond is book one in a Trilogy by Lori Wick.  In all honesty, this series is not my favorite.  The stories are very simple and written almost on an elementary level.  I also feel that there are way too many characters and, because of that, too many things to follow.  Instead of really getting to know characters, it takes the first 1/4 of the book to even get everything straight.  Yes, I'm reading the other books in the trilogy but, most likely, this book will end up on my "to sell" shelf.  If you are looking for a simple read - go ahead and pick this up, it is still good, just not great.

Books I'm reading:

My Devotional Books:

What are you reading right now?  Any good suggestions??

Too Cute Not To Toot

Lets start off this week with a teaching idea.  I love the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" . .. and so do my kids!  So this idea from I heart Crafty Things is just perfect to add to reading the book!! 

I feel like I shared this one already . . .but I think I just looked at it and loved this idea also from I heart Crafty Things.  This idea is based on a sunflower and I love sunflowers :-)

One last idea from I Heart Crafty Things is a cute letter/reading/vocabulary game using a very simple, creative shark!  This would be great to use at home or in a classroom as a center activity.

I've posted about car mats before but, I wanted to share this one from Oopsey Daisy because she gives a great tutorial and shares some new ideas for really making it personal. 
Not Just a Housewife has been sharing some outdoor decorating ideas.  I really liked this idea that she did using mason jars, flowers and . . .her clothesline :-)

This idea from Come Together Kids is just so creative.  All you need is a toothpick and a banana and you have a new message board :-)

It seems like I just finished posting year end ideas but, I couldn't resist sharing this idea from La Dee Da Creations for a back to school centerpiece/dinner idea.  Plus the centerpiece would make a great gift :-)

Here's an easy game to create for your kids from East Coast Mommy.  This bean bag toss would be a great indoor game for the kids to use on those really hot days (or rainy days . . or cold days).

A Creative Princess shares a great travel Bingo game.  She gives a super easy tutorial and it is just one more idea to have handy for those road trips :-)

I actually read this entire post/tutorial because I was so enthralled with this idea from Naptime Craft Mommy for a melting crayon art piece.  This would be awesome in a play room or a kids bedroom OR it would make a very unique teachers gift.

I really like this piece from Clean and scentsible.  I'm saving it mostly so I have the idea if I ever get around to doing my "beach room" :-)

This is one of those ideas that just makes me shake my head but . . .it actually is a great idea!  (When I saw the picture, I squinted my eyes and than went "Seriously - is that what I think it is?" ha!) Check this out from Simply Designing . . .and than make it for lunch :-)

I'll end on that note because it kinda creeps me out in an interesting lunch idea kind of way.  :-)


Monday, July 25, 2011

Media Monday - Week 3 (part 1)

Welcome to week three of Media Monday sponsored by Courtney at Women Living Well.  To review the first two weeks just click HERE.  (This will take you back to my posts on "Challenges" so, depending on when you click .. . you may have to scroll down :-) )

The topic this week is Media and our Parenting (part 1) .  If you would like to read Courtney's full post just click the link back to Women Living Well shown above.  This post is my ideas as an extension of what she talked about in her post.

This topic is probably closest to my mind and heart because it is something that I have been conscience about over the past few months.  Not necessarily because my children use media - they don't . .. well at least not yet . . but rather, how my use influences them.  There was a commercial that aired showing two dads at a soccer game; one had a phone where he could get things done AND watch his child play while the "old" phone was used by a dad who couldn't even look away so he missed every play.  Yet, shouldn't it really show the parent not using the phone but focusing on their child?  We have been so connected that sometimes, we can't unconnect from media to reconnect with a human. 

Don't worry, I'm not pointing my fingers - it is like the old saying . .. if I point at you, I'm pointing three fingers back at me!!  I am guilty of making my kids wait while I finish writing an e-mail or a post or just to do "one more thing"; and I'm guilty of being distracted by what is online instead of focusing on what needs to be taken care of in my own home.  This is a new problem for our society, really.  Thinking back, the only thing that "distracted" my mom from watching my brothers and I was her book.  Yes, she loved to read and guess what, so do my brothers and I.  It wasn't a negative at all - instead it was a positive because when she wanted to read, we read too.  As many people will state, even pre-schoolers know how to use an iPad or even Smartphones (which I have neither ha!)  Sure, I want my children to learn how to use modern technology but I also want them to learn moderation which means that I have to learn it as well.

At this point, if you have children or teens that are into the latest gadgets or even just getting into them, please take time to read Courtney's Post; she goes through the list of media items that are most popular and than also shares ideas on how to protect your children in those areas.  I'm going to take a slightly different turn only because, as I said, my kids aren't at that stage. 

Instead, I wanted to just take a quick look at how media I use impacts my kids.  I've mentioned before that I don't want my children's memory of me to be of me sitting at my desk.  I struggle still with how to balance this - we are such an electronic world that 99% of everything I do is on my laptop.  Isn't it funny that now, I'm trying to figure out how to not do so much on this little life saver when, for so long, the push was how to get everything on here?  I can usually tell that I've spent too much time in front of my screen when my kids start climbing on my lap, when they start pushing me out of the chair or, when they start doing things to get my attention.  I often don't mean to do it, but time slips away.   One thing I have done is I've tried to stop reading blogs during the day - instead, I just take time in the evening to read through any new posts that interest me.  I have found this really helps free up time during the day.  Instead of checking up on Facebook every hour, I try to stay away, limiting my time to first thing in the morning, right after lunch when the two little ones go down for naps, and than in the evening.  Finally, e-mail.  This I probably check the most just because it is my main means of communication with people.  Plus it is a quick "update" button and I can scan for anything I need to take care of and walk away.  I feel like I've had some success over the last few weeks which is good.

The other media items in our home - cell phones; it is cute to see my kids use their hands as imaginary cell phones when I'm on the phone with my husband. (they even know his ring!).  I'm not really a phone person so I don't use it much.  The TV is another big media item - I told my husband recently that once summer is done I'll have to break our TV habit.  It has become our afternoon entertainment during the heat wave.  It really has been too hot in our house to do anything - the kids don't even play because they sweat.  The TV keeps them quiet, still, and sitting in front of a fan which is actually a good thing.  I'm just as guilty - I tend to sit and try to stay cool also . . .This fall, we will get back to turning off the TV, turning on our CD's and using music to entertain instead of the TV. 

One final question for thought:  Facebook.  The site actually has an age limit.  Are you willing to allow your child to have a Facebook account even if they are under that limit?  I know this is discussed periodically - some people say no and some say yes and "fudge" on the age they put in for their child.  They justify this by saying that they are monitoring their child's page or (with the old . .. ) 'everyone else is doing it'.   No, I'm not there yet, but I think part of teaching our child right from wrong, is teaching them to follow the "rules".  When is a double standard ok? 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Menu - A New Post each week and some Randomness

Once upon a time, I was posted our weekly menu on the side of my blog but it didn't work for me :-)  I didn't like how it posted or that it took work to put links up so I didn't do it!  I've seen this idea for a weekly menu post on a few different blogs; I like it obviously, since I'm going to do it!

The funny thing is . . .this weeks menu is totally up in the air!!!  We are coming off of a family reunion so I haven't been to the store and I don't feel like going!  I'm going to do a "use what we have" week. 

Monday: Left off Pulled Pork from the reunion.  (We were going to have left over Cole slaw but . .. the bag it was in was over packed so when my husband grabbed it out of the car . . .the bowl broke through and now the Cole slaw is in my driveway HA!) 

Tuesday: Left over Beef Brisket

Wednesday:  Beef Strogenoff over Noodles

Thursday:  Spaghetti

Friday: I have no idea - more than likely we will grab a pizza

As far as sides - we have some frozen veggies to use, Tatar tots, lots of boxes of pasta, and some hamburg buns to turn into garlic rolls.  I'll also be making some banana bread to use for breakfast and probably some peanut butter cookies. 

Other random thoughts.  What a fun weekend we had!  I feel like I've been running like a mad woman since Friday morning and am just now stopping so I'm behind my game right now.  Therefore, my posts my not make it up like normal :-)  I enjoy posting alot . .. but I also have some things to get done (like unpack from the weekend!) 

Here's hoping for some cooler weather this week !

Friday, July 22, 2011

Family Reunion

Yes ma'am - it's Reunion Time!!!  The last big McMaster family reunion was 10 years ago - almost to the day (I'd have to look back at photos to see the exact date!).   I am so excited to see cousins that I've reconnected with on Facebook but haven't seen face to face in years. 

So with that said - we will be very busy all weekend!!!  I'll have pictures and stories to share next week but . . most likely there will be no posts until Monday. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Double Chocolate Bars

I enjoy getting recipes from other blogs - especially "real people" blogs because, if I like them, I feel like I will like their food.  I know, kinda weird, but that is how my mind works!  So, when I saw this recipe posted over at Jenna's Journey I knew I had to try them besides, who can go wrong with Chocolate?? I've mentioned before that I never really made Bar cookies; I always found them dry.  Little did I know that my husband LOVES bar cookies - more than regular cookies.  He likes the dense, cake like consistency of the bar cookie, as long as they are moist and tasty!  Well, this one fits the bill.  They melt in your mouth.   I think you could substitute just about any chocolate chips - add some mint chips around the holiday; or Peanut Butter Chips for that chocolate and Peanut Butter combo! 

Double Chocoalate Bars

Ingredients:2 1/4 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
1.5 sticks butter, melted
1 cup packed dark brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
1 whole egg PLUS 1 egg yolk
1.5 teaspoons vanilla extract
3/4 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
3/4 cup dark chocolate chips

Heat oven to 350 degree. Line a 9*13 with foil. Spray well with non stick spray.

Melt butter (I melt mine in the microwave...can you tell I prefer recipes with melted butter? I never think to let it soften).

Using a stand or hand mixer, combine butter, sugars, eggs and vanilla until well combined.

Sift together flour, soda and salt. Gradually add dry ingredients to wet ingredients. Once combined, fold in chips.

Bake for 20 -25 mins - you can test it with a toothpick but that doesn't work very well because you'll probably stick it in chocolate!

Let your pan cool completely, then lift out using the foil. Cut into bars
Jackie's Notes: 
I cooked mine for the full 25 minutes and maybe could have gone a few minutes longer. 
I did not line the pan with foil - just sprayed it well.  That way I could keep them in the pan and just cover it.