Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pinterest Projects

So I realized last time I posted my Pinterest post, I had actually written it a month or so before but didn't post it until after I finished the items - the post didn't make sense . . .. kinda.  So, I'm going to post my current projects that I want to do. I will then (hopefully . . if I remember) post an update in one month!

From my Thanksgiving Folder I want to make a version of this thanksgiving countdown calendar from Mom Colored Glasses
I'm in the process (the never ending process) of organizing my basement. I've tried so many ideas for organizing manuals and none seem to work so this simple binder idea from Designing Vitues seems like it might actually work.  I need to sort through all of ours anyway and then I can store the binder on a shelf in the classroom.
Lately I've noticed that our towels stink.  So when I saw this idea pinned from EcoKaren for cleaning a front loader washer, I figured it was something I should try.  I'll let you know how it works ;-)
This idea for a birthday calendar is awesome and I want to make one.  The idea comes fromEighteen25.  I already have the clipboard so I just need to print :-)
And finally is this - Christmas!   What is it??  My whole board from Pinterest.  I couldn't really narrow it down instead my goal is to print, plan, and create throughout November so I'm ready for December.  I'll update as I do different projects.  I have already started on our count down calender that I found through a "too cute" post last year.   (I guess doing the Thanksgiving countdown might be a better idea first HA!) 

I should also mention that I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year so I'm hoping to do a couple of other cute things too - last year I made place cards for the table that were adorable so I may just make up a few more :-) 

Happy Go Lucky