Thursday, July 9, 2015

"Confessions of a De-Cluttering Junkie" - A Book Report

I recently picked up a book that caught my attention solely based on the title "Confessions of a De-Cluttering Junkie".  I found it just a few days prior to starting my big basement clean out so the timing was perfect.

This story is a great "real life" story of how one woman conquered the clutter in her home despite dealing with the negitive attitudes of those around her about her new hobby.  She addressed getting her family on board, dealing with the fact that her "hobby" consumed her life and made her cause her family heartache, to the huge garage sale they had that funded their summer activities.  I loved all of the tips that the character gave throughout the book and the account of how hard it is to get rid of things at times.  

This book would not appeal to everyone - if you have a perfectly organized, non-cluttered house, you might think this lady is crazy.  But if you are in the midst of trying to simplify your life - you would enjoy the humor throughout the book.