Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weekly Menu

I think that maybe fall is finally here.  Not that we won't have a few more warm "Indian Summer" days but I think the 90 and humid days may be gone.  We did have lasagna last week and it was good BUT I made it last Saturday before the humid air returned.  Tuesday, a record breaking heat day, we ate fast food at home - no cooking!!

With the change the seasons, I also update my menu plan a little.  During the summer my cooking is different - easy meals, grilling, and, well, eating out more due to the heat.  Now though, I like to have an organized plan :-)

So this is my plan for now:
Friday - Tacos, Rice and Beans.  I have a few different Taco recipes - beef, chicken and even a fish taco recipe or two to try.  Oh, and a baked taco recipe that I was going to try a month or so ago but it got to hot out :-)

Saturday - Anything goes :-)

Sunday - Some weeks we are at my parents but other weeks we'll have "Church Dinners" after church (like a roast or ham or pork loin that cooks for hours . .. or KFC HA) and then either have Sloppy Joes or Pizza in the evening.

Monday - Soup and Bread.  This way, I'll have left over soup to eat for my lunch during the week.

Tuesday - Chicken or Pork - any one of my numerous recipes.

Wednesday - Breakfast.  It is usually just the boys and I so this is an easy meal to cook.  Plus the boys like a lot of breakfast foods.

Thursday - Beef or Seafood.  Nope, I don't have a ton of Seafood recipes but I do have a few that we love PLUS a TON of beef recipes :-)

I want to work through my recipe book again this year which just means making a recipe, deciding if we love it, and, if we don't, that recipe is getting thrown out :-)

So, what is on the plan for this coming week?

Friday - Tacos, of course!  Today will be good old fashioned beef tacos with Spanish Rice (I'm trying a new recipe from The Pioneer Woman . .. I usually have good results with her recipes!) and beans.

Saturday -We really want to hit the beach one last time (well, unless we get an indian summer then we WILL go again) so even though it will be cool, we are heading to the lakeshore.  I'm thinking a small picnic is in order with some chicken from Popeye's before we play on the beach for a few hours or more . . .then I know we'll stop and get Bernie O's Pizza before we leave.  As a side note, we may just eat brunch before we leave and take some snacks - I haven't decided for sure yet.

Sunday-  I'm going to make a Stuffed Flank steak, Sweet and Sour Bean Salad, Mac and Cheese, and "The Bread" from Pioneer Woman.  Then, I'm planning Frozen pizza for dinner

Monday - Tortellini Soup with Sausage and homemade bread

Tuesday -Monte Cristo Stuffed Chicken Cutlets - this is a recipe I saw on the Rachel Ray show back in February and have never made.  I remember thinking it would be really good so here's hoping it is! Oven Baked Mac and Cheese, Sauteed Cabbage w/ bacon and Biscuits. (On a side note, one reason I tend to serve some sort of bread with so many meals is because that is one thing my kids are sure to eat!)

Wednesday - The boys have haircuts today at 4:30 so . . by the time that is done and we get back to town, we'll just run through the drive through today and grab dinner.

Thursday - Hamburgs on the grill and homemade french fries.

A few extra things this week - for breakfast I'm going to try Pioneer Woman's recipe for Cinnamon Toast.  Yes a recipe for real.  Then Brown Sugar Oatmeal cookies for lunch and an Apple Pie for dessert for the week.  I'm not big at making pies so we'll see how this turns out :-)