Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

 On Thursday, November 30th, we loaded up and headed out to get our tree.  Now, there is a little back story I'd like to share before going on further because this years Christmas Tree adventure is not the normal "Tradition".  We actually planned to get our Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving. My husband had the day off, it was cold, blustery day with snow flurries - perfect Christmas Tree Cutting and Decorating weather.  We loaded everyone up and headed out on the 40 minute drive to our favorite Christmas Tree Farm.  Singing songs, laughing and then it happened.  I heard a cough from one of the kids - a cough that makes my stomach clench because I know what is coming.  I threw off my seat belt, flipped around in my seat and . . .the puke started.  Not from just one kid but from both, at the same time as my husband is driving 70 MPH down the expressway.  I'm sure it was only a mile but it seemed like an eternity until he got to an exit, pulled off, and I could get out of the car.  I won't go into details but any day I hold puke in my hand, it is not a good day.  I had packed nothing for the boys as far as change of clothes but we still had to strip them down to diapers out in the freezing wind, wrap them each in a t-shirt of Darryl's that happened to be in the back of the truck.  Then wrapped one in a blanket and one in Darryl's coat before strapping them back in.  I was thankful for my jacket I had not worn in the truck because I also had to remove a shirt and put that coat on standing by the side of the road.  We turned around and headed back home, treeless.  At that point, we just figured we would go get our tree on the following Thursday, since Darryl would have the day off.  On Saturday afternoon, Darryl called from work and said, "Well, come and get me, the car is dead".  Never words you want to hear!  I needed to the truck on Sunday so, we got up at 3:00, got the boys up and loaded in the truck and kinda joked about the light covering of snow.  As we headed out, we noticed that our road was pretty slick but figured once we got to the expressway it would be fine.  We got on the expressway and it was a solid, thick sheet of ice.  Darryl got off at the next exit and we went back home.  So now, we REALLY didn't know when to get a tree.  He would have to work on Thursday since he had to take Sunday off.  On Friday, November 30th, he called in the afternoon and suggested we head out and get the tree after he got home.  That is what we did.  As we were driving there, he asked when they closed and I replied, "Dusk" to which he said, "You mean like now?".  Well, it was kinda "dusky".  We kept going on good faith.  As we came to the road we had to turn on I saw the sign that said they closed at 5:00 . . it was 5:15.  We kept going just in case and when we got the Tree Farm - that sign said "Dusk" and there were actually a few cars still there.  We had about 30 minutes top to find a tree . . in fading light.  Not the best conditions but at that point, we just needed a tree :-)
 Here we are, heading out to find the perfect tree.  Josh was pulling the tree wagon - he loves to help.
 Nathan had his HEART set on getting a little tree and as we started walking through the rows of tree, he came across this little tree and told me that it was HIS special tree. He started to try to pull it out of the ground he loved it so much.  I had to explain to him that we couldn't cut it down and we needed to find a big tree.  He asked for this tree before we left and again on Saturday.  Even on Saturday night he said that he hoped his tree would grow big so we could bring it home.  How cute is that?
This is our tree.  With the boys all in front of it before it was cut down.  By the point the boys were getting cold and were ready to head back.  They were beyond thrilled to watch it be shaken, drilled, and wrapped though :-)

Our normal tradition after cutting down a tree is to go to our favorite Local Cajun Restaurant but, it was late and we were all just hungry (and that favorite place tends to run a little slow when busy) so we took the boys to their new favorite place - a Chinese Buffet that is actually pretty good (and the boys eat free so we can eat for less than $20.00).  The boys really enjoy being able to go up and pick out their own food including things like finger jell-o, and fruit.  Plus they get ice cream :-)

It was pretty late by the time we got home so we got the boys into bed and decided to finish the tree on Saturday.
 Saturday morning.   I had one very impatient four year old.  I could not figure out why he kept pushing me to get in the shower on Saturday morning but I figured it out when I got out.  I walked into the living room and found him decorating the tree.  No lights or anything yet.  He told me that he couldn't wait to decorate it because he would be "too tired tonight to do it". HA!  He decorated and undecorated it throughout the day.  At one point, Nate started dumping out one box of ornaments; I told him to stop and he said that he had to play with them.  When I then told them they weren't toys, he said, "Really, mom, they aren't?  hehehehe
 FINALLY, the lights The boys were beyond excited to "help". 

 The lights :-)  I should have tested out our lights a little earlier . .. we lost a strand and could have really used just "one more".
 Starting with last year, my goal is to pick out an ornament for each of the boys that is a reminder of something from their year.  This year, Josh's ornament is this Airplane.  He loves them.  Remember, we went to watch the planes for his birthday?  He has asked to even ride in one because he loves them so much.
 Nate's ornament is a dinosaur - it kinda blends in with the tree.  When Nate saw it he asked a very important question - "Can I play with it mom?"  I knew then that it was the perfect pick for him!

The boys decorated 90% of the tree and I love it.  It is the perfect tree.

We figured since all of our normal traditions were thrown out the window concerning the tree, we would just continue with that plan.  Normally, we watch Home Alone while decorating the tree - we only had about 40 minutes before bedtime so we tossed that idea out.  Plus we usually have some fun food - Darryl picked up a pizza on his way home.  I figured at this point, our tree is up and beautifully decorated so now, we can get back to our traditions :-)