Sunday, September 8, 2013

Goals and My September List

Hello!  I feel like the past week or so has been a whirlwind.  With meetings, a reunion, Football starting, Preschool/K-4 homeschool starting back up, Friday School Starting and, yes, even trying to do a little canning this fall. I finally sat down several days into September and made my lists for the month - something I had meant to do in the last few days of August . .. which flew by!

From the inspiration of a friend, I created a list of 30 projects I wanted to get done in September.  This is a brainstormed list - some are simple items, some more complex but all that need to be done.  They are in no real order, I just have to pick one (or more) each day to complete

1. Clean the insides of all the windows
2. Clean the outsides of all the windows and wash the screens (a husband helping job)
3. Organize the truck glove box with a folder for important papers (something I've wanted to do for like 10 years and just never have completed it)
4. Clean the inside of the kitchen cupboards and starighten them up
5. Do touch up paint on the kitchen cabinets
6. Do touch up paint in the dining room
7. Put away the stuff in the basement "need to put away" bin
8. Go through bookshelves in the basement, clean them out and take books to Baker
9. Find a home for all of my music
10. Put closet doors back up in the playroom
11. Go through my scrapbooking stuff and set up projects - specifically for upcoming scrapbook weekend
12. Go through master closet and clean out
13. Go through master dresser and clean out
14.  Measure/move the boys closet system into our room
15. Move our closet system into the boys rooms
16. Go through boys clothes for fall/winter and pick up needed items
17. Move desk into downstairs room (former playroom)
18. Get rid of Dishwasher/brush pile and old chair (we have a friend who will take all of this for us)
19.  List all of my things to sell on e-bay
20. Clean the washer/inside and out
21. Clean out dryer vent
22. Spray for spiders - we are being overrun!
23. Replace all burnt out light bulbs inside and out
24. Clean up the garage so I can park inside it again
25. Put a new lock on the door in the garage.  (Don't worry, it's locked -just in a red neck sort of way)
26. Fix the curtain in the playroom
27. Take out A/C units (this will be an end of the month task most likely depending on the weather)
28. Get our screen door fixed OR get a new one depending on whether it can be fixed and the cost.
29. Time to clean out and fill candle holders - it is that time of year!!!
30. Put together a "parents house" bag - we are going there a lot more since they have an awesome church so I want to have stuff we leave at their house :-)

I also have a few goals to accomplish this month too.  The main one is the Birthday Board for the week stuff since Josh's birthday month is October.  I want to get a fall wreath up (which means I have to make it!) and get a flag for the front of the house.  Added to that is outdoor work to prep for winter which includes getting the plants I want for the side of the house and moving the stepping stones that went to the old deck so we are ready to plant some fun stuff in the spring.   Other things on my radar or Halloween Costumes, making reservations for Josh's birthday weekend, and yes, Christmas.

Now that we are past the rush of the beginning of September . . .I'm sure I can buckle down and get some of these things done.