Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekly Menu - April 14, 2012

I didn't post our weekly menu last week (and I'm sure you all missed it HA!) because I didn't even plan it until Monday.  We usually come home with food from my mom's house (leftovers) and I wasn't sure what would be left from the shower (nothing!!) so I wanted to wait.  Then, between leftovers and using up things we have in the house I was able to keep the grocery budget in check even with buying food for the shower over the weekend!  We've had pretty simple meals this week BUT I have found a meal we may eat every other week.  It was oven BBQed boneless chicken thighs, beefy noodles and corn.  Why? My three year old ate 2 1/2 chicken thighs plus some noodles and my two year old ate so many noodles I'm surprised he could walk (he loves "soup"!) It isn't often that I can find a meal that they literally inhale that is GOOD for them!  Plus it is easy and . . .well inexpensive :-) 

Now, next week, I finally obeyed my husband :-)  I started with the grocery store ad and wrote a grocery list that consisted of the best sale items and items we love.  (For example, pork loin is half off - one loin will normally give us 3 meals so it is an excellent buy).  Then, using those items, I built the menu and added in the odds and ends I would need.  I also took into consideration "cravings" - my husband told me he is craving Brats and I'm thinking one last pot of Chili before summer would be good. 

Saturday: The kids are going to have hot dogs and Darryl and I are ordering in tonight.

Sunday: Brats, Fried Zucchini (cooked on the stove with a little butter and onion), Three Bean Salad

Monday: Chili and Homemade bread

Tuesday: Dinner out tonight :-)  (Just for fun!)

Wednesday: Waffles and Bacon

Thursday: Pork Loin, Mac and Cheese, Green Beans and Rolls

Friday:  Chicken Nuggets and Fries for the boys (I'm planning on Scrapbooking!!)

I'm also trying to eat slightly healthier during the day.  My breakfast right now is Cream of Wheat - I love it and it is easy to make.  Then, for lunch, I'm enjoying things I love - Tomato Soup, Cheese and Crackers (The Laughing Cow French Onion Cheese Triangles - yummy!), and Veggies with Dill Dip.  It's easy and I really love it all.  

No sweets this week either!!  Well, actually we have Easter Candy and then I have graham crackers (which I also love!!).