Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weekly Menu - the one before vacation

 Once a week, The Lean Green Bean does a "Food Prep" link party.  Prepping food after grocery shopping has never been a strong point of mine so often fruits and veggies get tossed because they get lost in the fridge.  A few weeks ago I was inspired by a friend who posted photos of her prepped fruit on facebook and have taken time to do some prep myself.  This is what I prepped from the store this past week.

1. Grapes - a big bowl for at home and one bowl for Darryl's lunch one day.
2. Strawberries - a big bowl for home, one for Darryl's lunch and one for a smoothie
3. Lemons and limes for my water
4. Pineapple for a smoothie
5. Raspberries for snacking on (My favorite!)
6. Ham wraps for my snack - Ham with cream cheese wrapped around a pickle

Looks yummy doesn't it?  I recently picked up the round Zip-lock bowls (both big and small) and I love them.  Round is so much more fun than square :-)

Oh boy, oh boy, oh BOY!  I cannot WAIT for vacation :-)  We are so excited to get to enjoy some family time without the stresses of work or day to day life.

So, here is our plan for eating from now until our vacation starts!

Friday - We are attending a Funeral today so we will be gone all day.

Saturday - Hopefully the boys and I are going to head to the park in the afternoon and have Darryl meet us for a "picnic" - I think I will have him pick up some McDonald's.  If it is rainy . . then we will just have a picnic at home with either Taco Bell or McDonald's :-)

Sunday - It is Father's Day! Several months ago I made panned Fried pork chops, corn, and homemade mac and cheese - Darryl said THAT is what he wanted for special meals so that is what I will make along with some biscuits.  I think for dessert we will have fresh strawberry shortcake and I'll make some vanilla ice cream.

Monday - I have a recipe from a friend for some Awesome stuffed, twice baked potatoes so that is the plan.  A Salad and some rolls will round it out for the night.

Tuesday We'll have something with chicken - whether it be Oven BBQ'ed or grilled along with some rice or potatoes and a canned veggie - I'm scrapbooking all day so I don't want anything difficult

Wednesday - The kids and I are on our own. Some Mac and Cheese for them and I will pick up something frozen for me :-)

Thursday - Dinner will probably be a Little Ceaser's Pizza - I have a hair appointment at like 4:30, people are going to be here all day working on our porch . . . .we'll see what unfolds :-)

Friday -Weather permitting, we are going to a local fair downtown so I would imagine we will get some "fair" food or grab something on the way home.

Saturday - so today, I decided to prepare a fun snack feast for my husband and I for after the kids go to bed.  I didn't really want to spend money on eating out, since that is what we will be doing for the next few days, so instead I am going to make a couple new ideas and a couple of old ideas.  The new are: A new take on Shrimp Cocktail and a Greek Salad on a Stick that I saw on a Food Network Show.  I will also make bacon crescent wraps, and nachos.  Then I saw a Coconut Creme Fruit dip on Pinterest that looks awesome so we'll do that with some fruit (which I can then take leftovers of that with us!)  For dessert, just nuetella dip and crackers - again, something I can pack and take with us to snack on.

Lots of fun food!!!  I may just do store bought cookies this week and maybe make a strawberry pie I haven't made in a long time (It is strawberry season after all!!)