Wednesday, January 4, 2012

40 By 40 - No, I have not forgetten!

I have not updated on 40 x 40 list in a very long time; in fact I haven't looked at it in a long time.  Not that I need to because I have a lot of them memorized and would THINK about them but getting them accomplished is another store. 

Here is the latest update:

1. Make a rag quilt - I have dreams, I really do ;-)  I save ideas to my "Too Cute Not to Toot" weekly posts of all kinds of rag quilts not to mention that pattern I bought back in 2009 but, this is just one of those items that doesn't make my top list of things to accomplish.  Someday it will work it's way up there!

2. Learn to Belly Dance - Someone suggested that I get a DVD and I have found one that I plan to order soon (like this next week thanks to some Christmas money) and start working on.  I will not be perfect but I figure a start is better than nothing at all!

3. Take a ballroom dancing class with my husband - this is NOT going to happen.  Someday - but maybe it will be on my 50 x 50 list ;-) LOL

4. Be completely current on all scrapbooking projects.  I'm so close I can taste this one but you know how it goes, two steps forward, two steps back.  I have my plan laid out to be current in a few months so I might still make this goal!!

5. Finish my first quilt - Completed.

6.  Eat in the 1913 Room - this restaurant closed.  We ate at Charlie's Crab instead which was actually probably more our style and had was great!

7.  Learn to make the perfect cheesecake - it really isn't that hard to do - I even found a blog that did a Cheesecake week so I have lots of recipes to try :-)

8. Reach my goal weight - ummm, unless I cut off half my body, that isn't happening :-)

9. Read through the Bible in a Year - I got further than I ever have before; I read through about March.  In August, I set up a "plan" to finish by September but then I realized that it was ok that I haven't read through the Bible in a year.  I really don't learn alot doing that type of study - I'm more of a topical study person; practical learning fits me best.

10.  Plant a Vegetable garden - completed

11. Can beets, pickles, tomatoes, salsa and jam - completed

12.  Re-learn Claire Delune on the piano - I've started this but finding time to practice piano is hard.  Right now my husband and I are frantically trying to get ready to play in wedding that we are struggling to find time to practice for!!

13.  Go to a regular season Lions Game - and this was the year to do it!!!  But, tickets are pricey and that did not happen!!

14.  Go to a bra specialist - hasn't happened yet :-)

15.  Renovate my kitchen completely from top to bottom.  Well, the cabinets are painted.  That's a start.

16.  Put myself on a bone morrow transplant list - yes it is easy, just haven't done it.

17.  Attend a Sandy Patty concert - There haven't been any close enough to go to

18.  Walk on the treadmill 4 days a week for three months - I lasted a month last year but, I'm starting again soon (we'll see HA!)

19.  Be making $1000.00 a month from home - other than babysitting, nothing else has worked.  I've checked into all kinds of things and even have tried making money through this blog and it has netted nothing!  Still looking for something else though!

20.  Take a cooking class - I've done research on finding one but I'm realizing how hard that is to do!  I'm still looking :-)

21.  Take a photography class - I did take a class in light room and a friend of mine is also offering classes now so I may actually take a REAL class this spring.

22. Learn to make jewelry - check out all of the ideas on my "Too Cute" posts - maybe I'll make something this year :-)

23.  Ride on one of the two Great Lake Boats that go to Wisconsin and back - since they dont' start floating again until after April, this won't happen by the time I'm 40.

24.  take a train to Chicago and stay overnight downtown - does it count that my husband goes there 1 or 2 times a week?

25.  See Wicked - can't see this happening either.  I didn't realize it was in Detroit recently . . .I guess I should look up where it is going to be!

26.  See the Rockettes live - they did not come to Grand Rapids this year I don't think?

27.  Watch the Harlem Globetrotters in Person - ummm I wonder if we can go on the 29th of January?  I need to look into that.

28.  Sew an apron - like the quilt, it just doesn't get on the top of the list but I did get one as a gift :-)

29.  Cook Clean for one week - tried it and it is not happening HA!

30.  Attend a concert in the park - this won't happen by the time I'm 40 - they are only in the summer. 

31.  Do a sole sensations treatment on my feet - discovered that these aren't in the US yet; kinda hard to do.

32.  Join a book club - I did; online.  Not my favorite thing though.  I prefer to just read :-)

33.  Invite Lisa LaPlante over for dinner.  I did, she didn't respond and now works for the health department.  Maybe she thought I was a stalker :-) hehehe

34.  Get a German Shepherd - this is something we are talking about doing in the spring - we've talked about it for years and are hoping to make it happen :-)

35.  Make three specific photo books - still on the wish list :-)

36. Learn CPR - completed

38.  Potty train both of my children - we are planning to start later this month.  Based on Nate's interest and Josh's disinterest, I'll probably be doing both at the same time.  Insane, I know.

39.  Win a makeover from one of our local stations - I've entered and haven't won yet.

40.  Take my husband to see the Christmas lights and ride the train at Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad.  Well, this did not happen at Thanksgiving - he had to work.  We did go this summer though and Ride the Train for Thomas The Train day.  Does that count?

I still have 4 months to finish up a few things - we'll see how it goes!