Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Summer - Weeks 10, 11 and 12

I kind of did this with my summer posts: 
 Yep, I have dropped the ball! 

We've had a much quieter summer this year then past years.  I didn't plan a lot of extra things; we missed a lot of the library dates early in the summer; we didn't do any crafts; we just didn't.  My kids are very much home bodies right now.  Given a choice, they'd rather be home (or at Nana's house) then out doing stuff.  
That's fine.  I've learned to not push what I want to do on other people because it just makes us all unhappy.  
Well, except for the pool.  I push the pool on my boys even when they don't want to because I want to swim and we won't have that option next summer!  

So this week, it's a quiet week but we will enjoy the pool as much as the weather allows us too!  School begins next week (shhhhh - even I don't like thinking about it early HA!) 

Next summer, I need to plan a little better and do my posts differently so they are so boring!!