Saturday, June 8, 2019

Our Week in photos #22

Here it is, Friday night as I'm typing this, and I'm not even sure where the week went!  I didn't really take photos either!

We . . .
-- worked in our basement
-- went to church
-- relaxed
-- mowed and rearranged a flower bed to make it easier to take care of (for me - the non- gardener!)
-- one kid got a haircut
-- one kid had Tae Kwon DO
-- Went Swimming a couple of times
-- had a board meeting
-- and finished up school

I'm waiting for Josh to get a hair cut in a week and then I'll share our end of the year school photos! 

Maybe I'll actually get my camera out more next week and snap some photos.  This is why I really need to update my phone one of these years with one that takes slightly better photos so that I can snap a photo a day for the blog! 

I'd also like to say Hello to my  brother Kelly.  :-)  He loves to see his name on my blog!!