Monday, September 22, 2014

Homeschool Happenings Weeks 3 and 4

So last week came and went before I even realized it was done.  Some weeks go SOOO slow and some go so fast I don't even get time to sit down and blog.  We had more busy nights than normal which gave me less time in the evenings to do anything!  Here's a snapshot of what has gone on in our homeschool world the last two weeks.

We started week 3 a little rough.  Nate woke up Monday morning not feeling well.  I peeked in on him at one point and found him sound asleep in the chair.  We post poned school for that day.  He ended up at the doctor on Wednesday because we thought he had strep but he had caught a mild case of the Hand, Foot, Mouth disease from the little one I babysit.

 Nate's coloring skills have already greatly improved. 
The boys both love to go other places to work on their individual work.  We gather at the table for the stuff we do together and then, once everything is explained, they both gather up their stuff and pick a place to work.  I've found they both do better being allowed to do that and get their stuff done at a better pace.

We started using "God's Big World" magazine the past two weeks and the boys enjoy it.  I did ask them what that was a picture off on the front cover and Nate piped up with a "Porcupine" . . .he was close, it is a Hedge Hog.  We laughed a lot over that though for some odd reasons!

 We started AWANA on the 10th of September so we take time each day to review the boys weekly verses.  We also talk about what they mean as well to make sure they are understanding what they are learning.
 My little Sparkie!!  He is so super cute!  (Nate's "uniform" hasn't come in yet . . ..)  

We also had "gym" the last two weeks.  Between Soccer and AWANA game time, they are getting a good two hours of structured "PE" time not to mention riding bikes, taking walks, and running around like little crazy people!