Wednesday, January 15, 2020

20 in 2020 Goals

This year our little goal group is doing 20 in 2020.  The plan is to write out 20 goals to accomplish in 2020.  This are always bigger items, not the little monthly goals I try to accomplish.  Often these are goals that can be broken down into smaller chunks - sometimes not.

1. Take the boys to fun places in Grand Rapids and get photos.  (Fish ladder, the huge tire swing, the lion mural, the blue bridge, and more.  I want to take advantage of our city while the boys are "this" age.

2. Scrapbooking goals.  I'm learning to be more intentional  with scrapbooking at home.  It's been difficult to find scrapbook crops that I can actually attend so I have to make time to do what I love at home.  I'd really like to finish 2014 (almost there).  Then look at the other years and see where I'm at and work on the next year (I think it's 2016) while also working on 2020.  It is hard to work on multiple years but I'd like to be current with this year while working on catching up the other years.

3. Reading.  I want to focus more on reading.  I had some issues with my contacts last year and found it very hard to read so, well, I didn't.  That problem is now corrected so it's time to read again.  My goal is to set a reading goal each month and try to accomplish that goal.

4. Cleaning I am working on creating a 20 day a month cleaning challenge for myself.  It is based on the concept I did over a year ago where the group I'm part of set a goal to get rid of the number if items to match the date.  It worked well for me - I don't tend to have hours to dedicate to a project but I can carve out 20 minutes or so around our school day.

5.  Family.  Go see movies we want to see; do things we want to do; and enjoy time together.  The boys are looking forward to playing flag football this year so I want to help that happen.  Josh loves to run so I want to help him success at that by getting the right shoes and seeking out guidance from friends who are runners.

6. The last "McMaster" niece graduates this year so I need to complete her graduation album by May.

7. Complete some simple projects around the house including replacing the difficult lightbulb above m sink, getting the seal for a piece on the sink (that I dropped down the drain a year or so ago HA!), and maybe even a new thermostat just to name a few items.

8. Homeschool - I have some new ideas for our second semester including a "Monday Morning Meeting" were we can go over our week and also the goal of both boys working on their multiplication memorization.  I also, as always, will need to decide what to do about the fall when it comes to the program we will use for homeschooling.

9. Learn how to make Macaroons.  It doesn't seem like much but I love them and would just like to try my hand at making them.

10.  Plan our "Holidays" - This includes Birthdays and traditional holidays.  I need to update my my holiday journal and then start on plans for Valentine's Day :-)

11. The Misc List  - I tend to have a list of things that are just needed or need done - such as - Josh needs new dress pants, Nate needs a light jacket, I have two gifts we got Nate I need to return/replace, the boys need sleds, I need to hang up Nate's racetrack we moved to the basement, Darryl needs to help Nate make shelves for his TKD boards that he has broken, clean out the misc card in the bathroom.  As you can see that list is long and I'm sure there more!

12. Buy a "new" car.  It might seem odd to add to the goals but, we kind of now this has to happen so, I guess, making it a goal is a good thing.

13. Go camping at least once in the summer.

14. The basement - this is separate then the other cleaning goal.  Last year I worked hard to make the basement need and basically organized.  This year, it's time to go shelf by shelf, bin by bin, and really clean stuff out.

15. The garage - the boys want to have a garage sale, I do not HA!  So, no matter what the garage will get cleaned up and organized as stuff will either get sold that has been sitting out there for close to a year OR it will go to charity.

16. Music - The boys are continuing piano lessons.  I would like to focus on "perfecting" one song a month on the piano and also having my next song for special music ready before it's time to sing :-)

17. Take a photography class.  There is a local photographer that does classes several times a year.  I have a goal to sign up and take one this year.  I took one from my friend several years ago and enjoyed it but have forgotten most of it - I'd like to learn to use my camera better.

18. Plan some dates with Darryl.  With my mom close by, it is easier to make this happen now.

19. Spiritual - I'm a strong starter and a slow finisher when it comes to Bible Study Books.  I have one picked out to start - I'm part of an accountability group so hopefully that will help :-)

20. Finances - I have some savings goals for this year as well as continuing to look for way to make a little extra income that fits well with our family life.

I feel like I'm a little more  "broad" this year in my goals.  As the year progresses I will narrow them down to more specific things, I'm sure.  I'm also a little scattered on goals still this year.  These first two weeks of the year are 100% school focused as we push to finish up lessons.  Plus, just "recovering" from the holidays seems to take up my time.  I won't really start even January goals (which are not written) until the 20th!