Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weekly Menu

Last week was pretty uneventful other than one awesome dinner I made!!  Not that the others weren't good but one was fantastic :-)  I'll share the recipe tomorrow!!  Do you know what else I found?  Strawberries that were the size of a baseball.  Seriously.  AND they were a buck a container.  Needless to say we are enjoying some strawberries!! I look forward to fresh fruit as the seasons change - I miss all of the containers of fruit in our fridge!

Here's the plan for the coming week:

Friday - Tacos.  The boys love them (Nate only has cheese in his but he ate THREE tacos last week!).

Saturday - The kids get Mac and Cheese while Darryl and I enjoy dinner ordered in after they go to bed.

Sunday - We are planning to go out for lunch after church and then do some family fun stuff after that :-)  We've found that now that Football is done, it's fun to head to town after church and do some stuff !!  For dinner we'll have Spaghetti using some of my left over homemade sauce I froze a few weeks ago.

Monday - Honey Onion Chicken, Fries and Applesauce

Tuesday - Lemon BBQ Meat Loaves, Savory Rice, Corn and Rolls

Wednesday - Crock Pot Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Rolls

Thursday - Roasted Pork Loin, Baked Potatoes, Carrots, and Rolls

Do you know something kinda funny?  Remember I was doing Thursdays as left over days?  Well, that wasn't working because we had zero left overs several weeks in a row.  So last week, I didn't plan left overs yet when we got to Thursday we had . . .Taco Meat, a Chicken Breasts, Stew, and Hot Dogs all left over!  I cooked up some carrots, made some salads, and made some Mac and Cheese to round it all out.  I guess I need to NOT plan left overs to actually HAVE leftovers!