Friday, August 10, 2018

Weekly Menu - it's time to camp!

This weeks menu includes days of camping which is great.  Camping is either a ton of work or a little work and this time Darryl and I are striving for the second.  As much as I enjoy camping with the kids - the planning, packing, and set-up is just about enough to make me run and hide.  Since we haven't camped yet this summer, it has given me lots of time to try and come up with ways to make everything quicker.  I've already cleaned out the camper and rearranged our supplies so they are where we use them or where they are easy to get to the one time each trip we use them so now I don't have unload everything from the camper when we set up.  Also, because of the distance of this trip, we decided to take one vehicle instead of two.  This means we have to pack light (and strap the bikes on top!)  One way that I'm helping with the packing light is we are not grocery shopping for the camping days until we arrive at our location.  AND we are shopping light - keeping it simple for sure!  So, with that said, here's the basic plan for the week.

Friday - Pulled pork, baked beans, mac and cheese and broccoli.

Saturday - I'm on the fence for dinner tonight - on one hand, I should plan something in the crock pot but, on the other hand, I have to get laundry done, pack and load, and make sure we are ready to pull out early Sunday since Darryl has a concert before we can get on our way.  So, we might cheat and get pizza or KFC.

Sunday - It's time to camp!  My plan is to make meatballs and take those so I can throw them in the crock pot as soon as I can get to it.  That way they will be ready to eat by the time we are done setting up.  Our sides for most meals will stay the same - Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, a Green Salad, and chips. Once we get a camp fire going, there will be hot dogs and stuff for smores.

Monday - Breakfast is simple (I've learned through the years that we are not breakfast eaters) - muffins and donuts.  Lunch  - We are eating out on a little road trip.  Dinner - Tacos and sides.

Tuesday - Breakfast is the same; Lunch - we have a favorite Italian place that we like to visit so we will have lunch there.  Dinner - our annual Steak and Chicken Kabob,  baked potatoes (Crock pot), and any other sides left.

Wednesday - Breakfast is the same; Lunch - Sandwiches or leftovers; Dinner - we will grab something somewhere.

Thursday - I wait until we get back from camping - sometimes we have leftovers (I hope not - that's the point of shopping when we get there!).  If we do, we'll eat those, if not, I"ll have to pick something up !!