Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Crafts Part 2

Welcome back to the rest of my crafts :-)  I have three simple things to share with you today that I created.  Two were inspired and one . . wait for it . . . .. wait for it . . I made up all by my lonesome! 

The first idea is this simple specimen art idea from Racks and Mooby ; I want to show you the original photo first.
Isn't that so pretty and so simple too?  Well, here is what my finished project looked like:
So, what do you need?  Just a frame, some pretty paper and coordinating stickers of different sizes.

I know it is hard to see in my photo but there are two colors of hearts stacked on top of each other.  I found the stickers at my local supermarket for a couple of bucks and the frame at a great sale at Hobby Lobby so it was a very inexpensive project.

Ok, on to my next inspired project.  The idea came from Brassy Apple and here is what the inspiration looked liked:
The trees are just beautiful and I fell in love with them when I saw them last year and posted about them in a Too Cute post.  So, off I went to the store and this is what I made:
 I already know what you are thinking.  This looks nothing like the inspiration photo and you are very right.  Three reasons.  1) I did try to make the tree with the beads.  I glue the beads on and then spray painted the bejeebies out of the stupid thing and the paint did not cover the beads at all.  Apparently I needed to use spray primer  first.  That was a fail!  2) I did not buy rose petals - they were pretty expensive.  3) I didn't buy glitter either but I did buy the heart garland and ended up just using that and making one cone. 

Now, I'll be honest, up close and personal, this tree is not the prettiest thing but, sitting on top of my fridge, catching the sunlight, it sure looks pretty :-)

Finally, here is my original idea.  I was walking through Hobby Lobby and saw these things:

Yes, it is a giant chipboard letter "V" and a wooden oval.  I already had spray paint to use so this was turning out to be a very inexpensive project. 
I spray painted it Raspberry, added some jewels and pink ribbon and this is my final product.

Isn't that so cute?  The letter is really large enough to stand on its own but I wanted extra stability so I glued the wood oval to the bottom of it for that reason.

This items are all displayed on top of my fridge.

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