Monday, February 27, 2012

February Goal Recap

At the beginning of February, I posted my Goals and now, I want to recap what I did and did not accomplish.  Right up front, I totally lost focus this month - I did not even remember to look at my goal list after the first week of the month.  So, many of these will carry over into March - I'll post that list later this week.

1. The mantel: Here's a photo of the top of the fridge - part of what I consider my "mantel"
I also had decor on my dining room table - the rest of my "mantel". 

2. Holiday Celebrations: We did not make it to Playworld but we did go to a roller derby instead.  I did get birthday cards mailed on time but did not complete anything on the birthday board.

3. Date Night: Check :-)  We went out for Darryl's birthday :-)

4. Daily Something Special: Fail :-( LOL  Where did February go?  That is all I have to say.

5. Pinterest goals:  Ummm . . I have no idea what I even posted but considering the fact that I haven't done a Pinterest Challenge post in two weeks I don't think I accomplished much :-)

6. Too Cute Ideas:  Blah. :-)  Same as above!!

7. Quiet Book:  Nothing, Nada, Not a thing happening.

8. Celebrate Me: I did practice piano once this month, does that count?

9. Misc Items: I have the stuff to make my March Mantel items - they will get done this week

10. House Items: The Kitchen is painted WHOO WHOO!!

11. Scrapbooking: The boys books are updated, the family album is updated and January 2012 is completed as well!!!  So happy to be working on current stuff!

That's it :-)  I plan to do better in March!!!