Thursday, September 6, 2012

Home Organization 101 Challenge

I'm always up for a good challenge!  This is a blog, A Bowl Full of Lemons, that I used to follow quite regularly but, then she moved.  States, not Blog Locations.  She quit posting and her blog became . . .boring.  Recently, I noticed her Facebook pages was getting busier with posts and ideas so I kept an eye on it - then she posted this challenge.
She recently posted photos of her Master Closet  . . ummm . . .it's bigger then my house HA!  Ok, not really but it is bigger then one of our bedrooms ;-)  Despite her dream home, she does have some great ideas so I'm looking forward to progressing through this challenge. 
As with most challenges, I tend to post at the end of the week so, look forward to seeing before and after photos of what I get accomplished!