Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How I Minamalize - A step at a time

If you have been reading my blog for long, you know that I am constantly working on Minamalizing our home.  I don't enjoy clutter but in a small house it is a constant challenge to get rid of things yet keep what we need and love.  It's hard to find homes for things when there isn't much room and, often, being creative with storage equals needing to buy things and yet we also try to spend as little as possible.  Yep, it creates a circle that is hard to break so things pile up!  Throw in the fact that we homeschool so we need to use space for that too, well, things are often tight around here!  I'm hoping to share not only some before and after photos of what is being accomplished but also to share some articles and ideas that work for me!  Everyone home is different; every person is different - so, obviously, ever plan needs to be different too!

No Mad'er How Far shares some more great ideas.  Not all of 12 struggles apply to me but the over all concept is a good read when you are trying to figure out where to start.