Monday, April 18, 2011

Check out these Giveaways!


Aren't giveaways fun?  For one, there is a chance you might win something, and two, well .. .it's just fun to win!

There are three giveaways going on at blogs I follow and I wanted to share the good news!

First up is over at Ask Anna.
I've posted about her blog before during the recent spring cleaning challenge that she hosted.  She gives some really easy ideas for cleaning and I've enjoyed reading her ideas.  Her giveaway is for a gift certificate to As you Wish Design where you can design your own item like this:
You can enter too - just head over to "Ask Anna" and check it out!

The second one is over at itsybitsylearners .

This is for a Tot pocket to use for teaching my kids.  I've picked up a few of the packs she has created over the past few months and have been very impressed.  I would, of course, love to win this one as well!

So head over there as well and feel free to enter!

Finally, the third one is over at Sassy Sites.


This giveaway is sponsered by Tags-n-Stones and is for a $40.00 gift certificate to her shop to get something as cute as this!

There are also other giveaways going on at Sasy Sites all week so make sure and check out all of her posts :-)

Updated Reading Goal!

Back in January I did this post showing my book goal for January-April.  Well, I reached the middle of March and realized I needed to re-do this idea.  I think three months is better or I lose focus.  And I did.  Lose focus that is!  I have read quite a few books over the past few months but most of them were fun reads, not any of these listed!  I take that back, I did get a few read but  . .. lets start over for the next quarter.  So here are my books I'm hoping to get read over the next three months.

You may recognize a few many of these titles from last time but I picked up a few new ones too. 

1. Positive Mom - This is actually a book I'm going to be starting this week.  I'm doing this as part of an online Bible Study and am looking forward to it very much.
2.  The Duggars, 20 and counting - I really like the Duggar family and enjoy watching their TV show.  This book comes highly recommended from many people and I'm looking forward to reading it.
3. How to Talk so your Children will Listen - I can't remember where I found this book but it interested me.  I know all kids play deaf but I sure would like to maybe try to talk so they will listen :-)
4. Embrace Grace - I've wanted to read this book for years - and I finally got it!  I had ordered it last fall but canceled the order after never getting it; I finally remembered to order it again.
5. The Total Woman - I only want to read this because I saw it on a blog and thought - "Are you kidding me"? LOL  We'll see if I make it through this one.
6. Reshaping it all -  This is not a book I would normally have picked to read BUT I won it on a blog giveaway so how can I not read it?
7. Shepherding a Child's Heart - What is more important than this?
8. What he's REALLY thinking? - I read another book recently how understanding how your husband thinks only to discover that my husband didn't fit the norm :-)  I wonder how this book will rate.
9. Totally Desperate Mom - When my husband was employed at his previous job,  one of this stops was a publishing company - they would let him take the "extra" books so this is one of those he brought home.  I wanted to read it before I sell it.
10. Taking care of the Me in Mommy - This one came recommended to me as well - otherwise I don't know if would have picked it up.
11. The 6 stress points in a woman's life - I just like the author.
12. It Starts At home - again, what a great topic - teaching your children!

I'm actually finishing up "Falling Forward" by Sandi Patty right now (it was on the last list) and plan on starting the Duggar book as soon as finish that up (if not sooner!)