Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weekly Menu

Can you believe that it is almost March?  Where did January and February go?  We've been pretty much home bound most of the last two months due to the weather and are looking forward to getting out a little more in the coming month. This past week I just pulled food we had on hand plus we went out to dinner one night which was not planned! 

I have planned meals for the entire month so, again, I can watch for some sales on things (especially meat!) and have tried to incorporate some new non-dairy meals so we aren't just eating plain meat, veggies and potatoes/pasta every night.  Darryl is still struggling with dairy products which, really, is not fun.  It cuts out a lot of things, that's for sure! Added to that, we are still under a deep freeze here in the mid-west so we are still enjoying some of our "winter" favorites!

Friday - Tacos!!  Just plain old tacos.  Plus chips and salsa :-) 

Saturday - Our "traditional" Saturday night dinner - Mac and Cheese for the boys and then Darryl and I order in . . . he usually gets a Sub from Subway and I usually get a small pizza from my favorite pizza place. 

Sunday - Today we are eating lunch at church and then I'm planning breakfast for dinner - eggs, toast, and bacon.

Monday - We have one of "those" nights.  Darryl has a doctor's appointment at 3:00 in town and I have to go to Choir Practice at 6:15 so I'm just planning Hot Dogs and Fries for to eat in passing.  Simple, easy, and everyone enjoys it.

Tuesday - This is a new recipe . . .Tomato Basil Chicken over pasta.  I'm hoping to add a salad and some rolls.

Wednesday - Beef Stew and French Bread

Thursday - Applesauce Glazed Pork Chops, Savory Rice, Carrots, and rolls

It's actually a pretty cut and dry recipe week.  :-)

Also, one clarification from my grocery post . .. the category of "drinks" . . .includes anything non-dairy such as Pop, Tea, Juice, and water.  We don't drink any alcohol  . .. just wanted to clear that up :-)