Monday, March 25, 2019

Origami - A Recap

This past Friday was our presentation night where all of the students work was on display.  I enjoy seeing what the students did in Origami and was actually more impressed with their work then I was at the time we created it all.

 Our display Table


 The Dog and Cat - this was week one.  Just some basic folds.  To do this again, I would teach more folds the first week like the fox, a flower, ect.  We had lots of extra time on week one. 
 The Fish.  This was a favorite project.  The fish actually were a more difficult fold so it was a challenge to the students.  It took most of them the entire hour to complete.  
 I was disappointed in this project.  The wreaths were very flimsy and did not "slip together and hold firm" like they were supposed to.  I would not do this project again. 
This project was an all time favorite.  The fold was easy but there were a lot of them needed so it took up the hour.   This is also the project that got the most comments at our display. 
The piano!  It starts as a house and then fold to a piano.  The kids enjoyed this one and we also demonstrated it at our live presentation.  Next time I would use a solid color though so that it looked better AND have all of the kids add keys to their piano like Josh did above.

So, the ultimate question is, would I teach this class again?  Yes but I would need to find about 4 new projects to do.  I would also need to practice those four projects before committed to teaching it again.  That was one of my downfalls this semester - I had several really awesome looking projects but I wanted until the day before class and couldn't figure out the folds!