Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm Reading

There is a theme in every post I write this week and it includes the words "it is hot" HA!  So . . because it is hot I've done a lot of reading! 

Books I've Read this Week:
 This really is a Timeless Country Love Story in every sense.  One of the concepts I like about this book is how the characters are drawn closer to God; to real relationship with God even through some difficult circumstances.  Relationships are healed; wrongs are made right and, in the end, it is a book that makes you smile.  I would recommend this book to anyone - it really is a great read.
 This book, over all, is written well.  It walks you through the life of a young girl who faces a horrible tragedy and than walks away from all she has knows to find her own way.  As much as I enjoy this book I find it a little over the top.  (Yes this is a re-read)  Every time I read it, I always end up thinking - "can this be real?? does anyone get to really live like this?"  So, maybe a little over the top and a little unrealistic - like too many perfect things when it is supposed to be a story about struggles . . .again, the characters gain a relationship in Christ but it still seems . . .too perfect :-)  I would rate this book about average - if you are looking for something to read, it is an easy read and still enjoyable!
Sorry for the small picture - I had trouble finding a picture of this one!  The title is "In the Shadow of a Secret".  This book comes after "The Bridge Over Flatwillow Creek" but it is not a sequel - it just has some of the same characters.  It was a fantastic little book to read- the characters are very real, the story line keeps you interested, and in the end, again, good wins out.  If you are looking for a feel good read - this is one you will want to try and pick up!

What I'm Reading right now:
 I have finished the first section in this book and will be writing a post about it soon - I haven't started the next section as I really want to concentrate on what I've learned in the first section before moving on.
I look forward to sharing a small review on this one next week :-)

My Devotional books (which I'll pick up in the fall)

What I'm loving Wednesday

Ok, lets be honest, I don't mean to complain at all but, as many  of us in the mid-west are stating, this heat wave is awful.  So, as I'm getting ready to write this I don't have a lot I'm loving . . . .I'm just HOT ha!

But, I heard this song this past week and I do Love It so I want to share - enjoy!