Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Teaching Tuesdays

We are back in the swing of things once again and I would like to say that this is our mantra:
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But it is not HA! My boys sing, "I hate school, I really do. . ..except for Math" HA!  Oh well.  That's ok.  They still get their work done.

We are wrapping up the first semester and, after weeks in November and December where we were over a week behind so I changed their schedule some, we are now so caught up that we will be done a week early with their semester work.  Josh is even further ahead and could be done today, if I let him, but we are just going really slow so he has an assignment each day at least.  I'm not complaining at all, after struggling so much at the beginning of the year with trying to stay on top of the boys work, it feels good to be in a better place and actually spending time on their lessons instead of just pushing through to accomplish tasks on time.

Our plan for the week is simple:
1) Nate has some journaling assignments from December that we need to finish up this week. 
2) Wrap up almost all, if not all, of the lessons for this week and next week with the goal of working only on Live Lessons, Sight words, and Nate's January Journaling next week.
3) We have a field trip this week that we are very excited about - we are going bowling!! 

We started Tea Kwon Do this past week which the boys are thrilled about.  Gymnastics starts in February and T-ball/Baseball is just around the corner plus I'm still trying to find some place affordable for some swimming lessons for the boys.