Saturday, January 6, 2018

Our Week in Photos #26

We had a very quiet week.

We celebrated New Years Eve/New Years Day with my mom.  It was very low key, quiet, and relaxing.  

This is how we spent most of the evening - in PJ's, on Ipads, with the Dog :-)  

It's also been frigid this week.  So much so that nobody even wants to go outside.  We've had some good snow too which made for slick roads . . .so we stayed home HA! 

This started - School.  It's always hard to go back but, thankfully with Homeschooling, we can move into it slowly.  A couple of hours on Thursday and a little more on Friday.  Next week I'll try to get us back into more of our normal routine as we wrap up the semester with the goal of getting a week off between semesters! 
On Friday evening we went and saw Ferdinand.  It was a fun movie to see - lots of laughs and a great ending.  We are trying to take advantage of our local theatre and see the movies there - it's 2 minutes away, a lot cheaper than the big theatres and, well, just a fun place to go. 

After we got home, Josh took his Telescope outside (yes, in the bitter cold - don't worry, he was well dressed) and he took advantage of the crystal clear sky to find some planets.  I wish I could have gotten his picture sitting on the deck looking at the sky but it was too dark.  What a cool kid.  

And maybe I should of taken a photo of Nate's toe - he caught it on the wall and ripped his little toe open - it's gross.  Which is why I didn't take a picture.  He keeps talking about the flap (gag) on his toe bothering him. HA!  (it really isn't that bad - but it is gross.