Sunday, July 22, 2018

Summer Plans Week 8

So at this point of the summer, I am making lots of changes to the original plan.  Naturally, I knew that things would change but it seems like July has brought the most changes :-)  So at the start of the week, I made notes for what we plan for each day and I'll see how it pans out.

Sunday - Today Darryl has a concert so we will attend that together :-) That's what we did :-)  I went swimming in the afternoon while the boys all stayed home and hung out in the AC.  (Give me the pool any day of the week!) 

Monday - I think it is supposed to be rainy today.  The plan is to get laundry done and to spent one hour working on the boys room.  (I was trying to not do this with extra kids here but, it needs to get done so we are starting it this week!) It was no rainy today but was SUPER humid so we totally went swimming :-)  Needless to say, we did not clean but swimming's more fun anyway!  We ended our day (after some amazing burgers) with a trip to Mooville for Ice Cream! 

Tuesday - Today I have a board meeting in the morning.  The plan is to then eat some lunchables and go swimming. The board meeting went as planned but went longer than anticipated so we didn't swim!  We ended up not getting home until 2:00 for lunch.  We did stop by the pool to see my mom and some friends of hers that had come to visit but then headed to the house.  I then made the kids go outside and play for awhile after lunch. 

Wednesday - My plan is to, again, spend one hour in the morning working with the boys on their room.  Then, the pool is on the plan!  IF the weather isn't great, maybe we will bowl. We did spend some time cleaning (one section at a time).  The extra kids left early so the boys and I went to the pool after that and then went out to dinner with my mom. 

Thursday - Today is library day :-)  We'll check out the weekly activity!  In the afternoon we will hopefully swim.  Today at the library there was a Jazz/Blues piano player.  He was really good but I will admit that he entertained the adults more than the kids.  We did not swim!  Instead, we worked on the boys room and then, went to the Free Fair.  Why?  Because the forecast for Saturday is rain all day so we took advantage of a beautiful evening and spent 4 + hours at the fair. 

 The kids singing along with the music. 

 Josh's latest trick HA! 
Ok, I couldn't resist sharing these two photos.
The one on the left is from this year - Darryl and the boys waiting for the Ferris Wheel.
The one on the right showed up in my facebook memories today and is Darryl and the boys waiting for the Ferris Wheel from 2013!!  How fun is that??
 This is the first year both Nate (Above) and Josh (Below) could drive the bumper cars and, in case you couldn't tell by their faces, they had a blast! 

 Another thing I loved about the fair this year is that the boys rode rides together.  In years past, Darryl took one and I took the other and they rode different rides due to their age/height.  Now, they hung out together and had a blast. 
 This roller coaster was significant!  Two years ago, they couldn't ride alone (Nana rode with them - she's a saint HA!).  This year, they not only rode alone, the rode in the front with their hands up in the air! 
 The slide is always a favorite.  Surprisingly, they only went down once - I have a feeling that the climb to the top had something to do with that !  They were starting to get tired by this time of night. 

Josh so wanted to ride the ponies and I'm so glad that we let both of the boys do this.  Why?  Because these ponies have a weight limit and by next year both boys will be too big for ponies.  So, it was a great thing for them to ride a horse.   

Nope, it's not snowing - it's BUGS!  The swarms of moths/bugs around the parking lights was just insane! 

Friday - I'd like to spend 1 more hour in the boys room today.  In the afternoon we will either go to the library to see a movie or swim. Today was a rare day this summer - it was stormy and rainy throughout the day. The gloomy morning was a good time to watch Movies and relax.  For lunch, we headed to Pizza Hut - the kids had all earned a free personal pizza for their summer reading program so free pizza it was!  Throughout the afternoon the boys and I worked more on their room.  Finally, the neighbor boys came over after dinner for "a movie and snacks".  HA!  The kids put together all kinds of snacks and watched a movie together.  Such a fun night! 

Saturday - Today is FREE FAIR DAY!   The boys look forward to this day all year. Obviously, we did not go to the fair today :-)  Instead, we rearranged the boys room.  Now that it is rearranged, we are beginning the seeminly never ending task of sorting and organziing their stuff.