Saturday, January 4, 2020

2020 Week in Photos #1

Welcome to 2020!  I really do love these weekly photo posts.  It's fun for me to look back at the year and a great way to put some photos all in one place.  I love scrapbooking and I see this as one more way to scrapbook!

Saturday - We had our final "Christmas" with Darryl's family.

I didn't take many photos but I did manage this precious gem HA!  

Sunday - We went to church, had dinner out with my mom, and then we came home.  I  cleaned and picked a lot of things up to get ready for the week and hit the grocery store too.  It was a busy day. 

Monday - Our Friends were back from vacation so we got to enjoy them for the day.  A quick trip to the store and trying to get things done.  

Tuesday - New Years Eve!  We had a low key day.  We enjoyed a snow storm, snacks, fireworks, and a countdown! 

Wednesday - New Years Day!  Darryl worked and the boys and just hung out at home.  We went to my mom's for dinner before coming home and kind of crashing :-) 

Thursday - We had a fun day with lots of playing, a trip to the Library, and I even took down the outdoor decor since it was "warm" (in the 40's!)

You may notice Nate is "missing" - he did not enjoy making the igloo with the packing peanuts.  They had to dip them in water so they got sticky and gross feeling - he was gagging HA!  

Friday - Today the kids played and I worked on undecorating the house.  My mom and I went and saw Little Women together too!