Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Too Cute Not To Toot!

If you are stopping by from Jenna's Journey, welcome!  On Tuesday's, I post craft ideas (or recipes or other inspirational ideas) that I would like to try and complete.  Please feel free to poke around this little old blog and don't forget to let me know you stopped by :-)


When I think about how many of these posts I've done, it kinda blows my mind.  I've shared a lot of crafts, recipes, and inspirational ideas over the past few years (and re-shared several, I'm sure).  Then, when I think about how many I've done, I realize I am sad, sad, sad at following through. hahaha  Granted some things I've posted that I thought were great but later realized were either more work than they were worth or, I didn't really like them anyway.  I still love looking for new ideas though and for me, this is a great place to store them and share them!

Sometimes the inspirational ideas can be the best so I thought I would share a link to this article from Living Well, Spending Less.(I did read the article already and she has some great things to say)
This next idea comes from a blog called Coast where the author gives a really great tutorial for making rock monster magnets.  You could make them yourself (so they are all neat and stuff) for the fridge OR make it a fun project for the kids and get some really awesome, handmade magnets to use.
And the well has run dry this week.  Some weeks are more inspiring than others :-)

I've got plans to make August my "crafting" month and have picked out my projects.  Here's hoping I get them all done!