Thursday, December 1, 2011

What I'm Reading!

It's been a few weeks since I've shared what I've been reading.  I'm not going to back track but just share what I'm reading this week.

This week, I read the book Longing by Karen Kingsubry - it is the latest book in the Bailey Flannigan Series.  I was more impressed with this book then I was the first two in the series - the one seemed to have some deeper meaning/lessons in it and actually kept me interested throughout every page.  I will say that I find it slightly annoying, though, that Bailey and Cody have such chemistry but yet the have never found their way back to each other.  Now, I'm waiting for the next book to come out mostly because I'm still expecting them to get together (and if they don't, I might actually be mad at the author HA!)

I've mentioned this fantastic series before and, once again, Thomas Kinkade did not disappoint - he provided a new book for this holiday season.  Christmas Treasures picked up the Cape Light Series and focuses more on Pastor Ben, the well-loved local pastor.  I just started this book today and am already engrossed in it - can't wait to read the whole thing! 

Yep, I finally got this book!!  I am really enjoying it and find myself already focusing on how to have happier responses and choices. I really wanted to get this book read before the end of the year so that I could actually create my own Happiness Project Goals for next year and, yes, I do already have January written (but I won't share it until the end of the month!) 

That's what I'm reading right now!  I'm not finding as much time to read as I did this summer - probably because it isn't so hot that the only thing I wanted to do was sit in the chair and read!  Now I have other things to get done :-) 

What are you reading?