Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Photos

Every year, our photographer hosts an open house a few weeks before Halloween and takes photos of the kids in Costumes . ..for free!  She then sends at least one print of each child for a keepsake. I love it because she gets such awesome shots of the boys.  On Friday, Kellys Korner will host her weekly "Show us your Life" and the theme is Halloween Costumes!  I thought I would post this today but be sure to check out her blog on Friday to see other cute costumes :-)

 Josh chose to be a fireman this year.  He just stood there so perfectly for photos!  Don't you love his green "fire boots"?? Those are his rain boots and he loves them!!!

Nate chose to be a Race Car Driver this year.  Now, these pictures are almost a "miracle".  See, he stood for his photo, saw some blocks and went running to play.  The photographer (not our normal one) reacted to him and he just started sobbing.  We could not get him to smile for anything and he wouldn't leave my side.  Our regular photographer came to the rescue and set up some tires for him to "fix" outside so we were able to get these photos of him in costume.

We have lots of Halloween activities coming up - I think they get to wear their costumes 3 more times which also means lots of Candy and lots of fun!