Saturday, September 16, 2017

Our Week in Photos #13

This was a little bit slower of a week but that's ok sometimes.

On Saturday we were at my mom's for a baby shower and that was pretty much the whole day :-)  No photos, just fun!

Sunday brought some fun!

 Darryl  had a concert on Sunday - an outdoor concert which was extra fun!  The boys love going to the concerts and helping Darryl set up.  Nate was thrilled because the group sang two of his favorite songs.  After the concert, there was a fabulous picnic and games for the kids.  It was truely a great Sunday at church!

Monday was a no picture day again but the boys went to choir practice with me.  Darryl ended up having to work late at the last minute so, they packed up their Ipads and came along for the ride.  They were wonderful!!

Tuesday we visited the new Dental office in our town. They had their grand opening which included a tour and snacks (well, the boys ate enough for it to be dinner HA!)  This is actually our dentist so it was fun to go and see everyone.

 The boys got to ride in the dentist chair.  Which they loved.
 The boys got Toothbrush holders and the loved the Dino on the wall.

This was our first ribbon cutting. :-)  The boys like sitting on the truck watching the events.

Wednesday  Darryl left on his annual road trip with his dad.

 They are headed east to see lots of historical sites.  Darryl's dad loves to travel but doesn't like to do all of the driving so he pays for Darryl to go along with him and . .well, be his taxi driver :-)

I totally forgot to take pictures but it was also the start of AWANA on Wednesday night!  Josh moved up to the next age group with the "big kids".  It kind of tugged at my heart because he isn't with the little kids anymore . . .the next step after this is the youth group! AHHHH!!

Thursday brought unexpected fun - we went swimming!!
 This was the photo of the "last time swimming at the pool".  My mom called and said, "Hey, I just found out they are closing the pool tonight AND it's warm so lets swim!"  You dont have to ask me twice.  The pool WAS warm and fabulous! 
To make it even better, while we were swimming, the manager came out and said, "Well, you now have until 9:00 on Friday evening to swim before it will REALLY be closed" !  All of us in the pool cheered!  So this isn't our last night swimming - we will get one more night!