Thursday, April 3, 2014

Weekly Menu

I survived the Pot-luck.  I ended up not making the dessert because, well, the pastor mentioned in a message that they get LOTS of desserts so instead I put together a relish tray (how's that for an 80's concept!).  You know, olives and pickles.  (Green Olives, Black Olives, Sweet Pickles and Dill Pickles!)  It was easy and simple!

Now, I'm starting to shift my mind towards summer cooking, or lack of cooking, and have decided that I need to do some prep work in order to save on the "Honey, stop at Taco Bell" phone calls because it is too hot to cook.  I'm putting together some freezer meals - most specifically, crock pot meals.  I do not like turning on my oven on warm/hot days since the kitchen is already the hottest room in the house.  I'm picking recipes that can be paired with other simple things such as Rice (thanks to the rice cooker), simple salads and veggies (quick stove top cooking) and potatoes - but I want to pick up a second slow cooker to use for "baked" sweet and regular potatoes.  Naturally, we will also do grilling but on hot days, it is even too hot to grill!  My goal right now is to put together 2-4 meals a week between now and the end of May.  I'd even like to cook up a whole bunch of Ground Chuck to use for Tacos and Sloppy Joes.  I'm trying to pick crock-pot freezer meals carefully because I want to make 2 of each kind . . .most we have never had and I want to make sure we like them!!

Normally by this time, obviously, my menu is normally written but this week has been a little "off" so I haven't gotten that far . I'm not even sure when I'll go "true" grocery shopping.  Crazy, I know.  Tonight I have a hair appointment so the hubs and kids will "fend for themselves" and I think I might grab a Subway on the way to eat while I sit with color on my hair for, like, an hour.   Friday night we will probably finally do "breakfast for dinner" and Saturday . . .well, the normal (Kids -Mac and Cheese; Adults order in!)  Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine right now :-)