Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weekly Menu

Well, I took a week off.   I didn't mean to; I even had a few posts to put up; but I will admit that I have enjoyed playing some computer games in the evening so I haven't even gotten out the laptop much lately.  I do feel like I'm coming out of hibernation as spring is slowing starting to envelope the mid-west.  As much as I enjoy winter, I am enjoying the fact that most days the boys can just put on their mud boots and head outside without any need for help me.  Flip Flop season is about here and getting out the door becomes so much easier.

I figured the weekly menu post was a good one to start out with again.  Last week I must admit that I made some pretty awesome meals so I'll even have some recipes to post again!  There really isn't anything major going on this week; Easter is coming but that will be in the next weekly menu.  We are throwing around the idea of going to an Easter Brunch after church.  I said, after last Easter, that I would not plan Easter dinner again.  I was in the kitchen almost the entire day and it was not enjoyable.  As a matter of fact, I said we would get KFC for dinner this year.  I have two places in mind for reservations - a local hotel restaurant that does an awesome Sunday brunch every week; their Easter brunch is just bigger or The Melting Pot.  It could be a fun tradition but I'm afraid the kids might not be quite ready for that one yet.

Anyway, here is the plan for the coming week.

Friday - It's time for tacos.  I saw a recipe I would like to try called Barbacoa Slow Cooker Tacos that looks really good.  It was posted on a blog where the author loves Tacos as much as I do but agrees that variety is good!

Saturday - We have a family day planned so we'll be eating out.

Sunday - Swiss Steak, Green Beans, Potatoes, Rolls

Monday  -Chicken and Asparagus Stirfry over Brown Rice w/ Rolls

Tuesday - We are going to meet my parents for dinner to celebrate my Dad's 17th birthday (Hahaha)

Wednesday - I think it is time to Grill.  Probably Chicken because I have some in the freezer and will have some baked potatoes, carrots, and, of course, rolls

Thursday -  Beef tips and Noodles with Rolls.  This is one of the last winter meals I'll make  . . .then we'll shift fully to some summer, less hot stuff!