Monday, August 17, 2015

Make It Monday - Clean Towels

No, I did not make towels BUT I did make my towels fluffier and smell better! I found this tip over at Passion for Savings quite awhile ago and tucked it away for one simple reason.  We have never had hot water to our washer.  A leaky pipe kept us for using the hot water and it wasn't on our priority list since I've always washed with cold water anyway.  Recently, though, we had to have some plumbing done so in the process we had the pipes to the washer replaced.  I pulled out this idea and washed all of my old and slightly stinky towels.  And . . .it worked!  My towels are softer and they don't stink anymore! 

Quite simply:  Wash your towels on the hottest setting on your washer.  The first time, add one cup of white vinegar to the load.  Once done, leave the towels in the washer and wash them with one cup of baking soda, again on hot.  Once done, dry them like normal. 

It's really important to make sure your towels are always very dry after you wash/dry them or they will start to stink.  For us, we had a dryer that didn't not work well for several years so I know the towels didn't dry well and then we didn't have a dryer for a few months so they hung in the basement.  Not to mention years of "summer drying" in the bathroom - they never really dried and always smelled.  Now, I plan to do this with my towels every couple of months just to keep them fresh!