Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Fun - July 25th

Last weeks fun revolved around water.  Lakes, Kayaks, swimming . .  you name it and they did it!

Josh and Nate spent the first part of the week at my in-laws house where they did lots and lots of fun things:

They started with some fun at the fair - this time at the Barry County Fair where their cousins had some animals . .doing whatever animals do at the fair.  (What?  I did not grow up doing the whole fair thing, unlike my husband's family!) The boys had fun.  I know Nate's face might not show it but he just didn't want to smile because, well, his tooth fell out earlier in the day and he did not want to smile! 

They also did some fishing and both caught fish.  Nate ended up catching a 19 1/2 inch Dog Fish.  He was SUPER excited, jumping all around and screaming but did NOT want to hold it HA!

They also learned to Kayak.  My mother-in-law taught them both how to paddle and control their kayak in a matter of minutes.  Nate needs about another 1-2 inches of growth to really be able to handle the paddle without a ton of work.  Josh just loved it.  He would kick back and relax in his kayak and then paddle up and down the area in front of grandma's house.  I think they have a new hobby :-) 

The second half of the week they spent with Nana.  On Wednesday the boys and I headed to the campground to swim and eat dinner.  After dinner, I headed home while the boys stayed at the campground.  On Thursday, the boys had dentist appointments (no cavities yeah!) after which we grabbed lunch fixin's and returned to the campground for lunch.  I left the boys with Nana and headed back home to work on some stuff.   The boys convinced her to take them swimming before Darryl and I returned with dinner and, you guessed it, we went swimming again!  Finally, on Friday, the boys had doctor appointments for check-ups (they are both perfectly healthy and both are tall and skinny!) before the boys headed back to Nana's for dinner, a trip to the play ground and, yep, more swimming. 

What a fun busy week!