Saturday, February 6, 2016

Family Fun - A Visit to Santa

We have a great thing locally - a "Santa House" with a registered Santa and Mrs. Claus.  It's a great set up and it is all free.  The boys look forward to going and this year, it wasn't even cold :-)

 Waiting in line - there are "Elves" who hand out cloth snowballs to use in some games.

 Josh has no issue with going right up to Santa, sitting on his lap and sharing his life story with him.
 Nate, on the other hand, makes it as far as the door and stops so this is the way we take a "Santa Photo" :-)
All the kids got red noses this year :-)

And one other event on December 12th:

Josh lost his first tooth.  Nate accidentally elbowed him in the mouth and knocked it out (it was loose).  Josh was a little shocked by the whole thing and didn't want anyone to know.