Friday, February 22, 2013

Food Friday - The Perfect Lemonade Punch

The Perfect Lemonade Punch
Adapted from Pinterest

First up, this photo is not mine :-)  I forgot to take a photo of my punch plus this one is much prettier since I didn't add lemons to mine.  I recently made this punch for a Ladies Meeting with Ladies from church and it was a huge hit.  It was a great combination and so easy to put together.  I plan on using this for future get togethers for something different to drink than just soda! 

1 cup Country Time Lemonade Mix
2 cups Cold Water
1 Can (46 ounces) Pineapple Juice - Chilled
2 Cans Sprite (I used Sprite Zero)

Mix well and serve. I added ice cubes to mine and also, like the photo shows - sliced lemons would look awesome in it!