Monday, May 20, 2019

The Big Move

After months of anticipation . . .actually almost a year of anticipation . .the big moving day finally arrived this weekend.

Last summer, by the time my mom was leaving the campground for the summer, the plan was in place for her to sell her home in the spring and move closer to my little family.  She put her house on the market at the end of March and had an offer within about 24 hours.  Of course, then comes the things like inspections and appraisals and closings.  Those took a few weeks but in just over a month the whole process was done including purchasing a home just 10 minutes from us. 

Friday morning actually started out with some rain but thankfully it lasted for all of about 10 minutes and then the rest of the day was clear.

 My mom had worked all winter packing up the house so it was completely ready on moving day.  It was such a blessing to just have to load because she had it all ready. 
 She rented a huge truck (and it is a good thing she did!) 

 We had amazing help.  Friends from the church there came and helped load the truck.  One of my brothers friends was in charge of "the puzzle" of the truck.  He did amazing and fit everything in that truck! 

 The last pictures with the house before we headed out. 
The truck, driven by Darryl (with the boys along for the ride of a lifetime!) as they headed out. 

When we arrived at my mom's new place, people from my church just kept showing up.  It was amazing.  They got the entire truck unloaded at her house and then, came to my house to unload things into my garage and furniture into my house that I was getting. It was a very long day but it was so nice to have it all unloaded by Friday night.  

On Saturday, my brother helped my mom with things at her place before we all headed in to return the truck.  After dinner we all hung out at my mom's new place and enjoyed some time visiting.  My mom is busy unpacking with the help of two boys who are already loving that she lives so much closer!  

I love the view out her living window (and so does her dog!)